Seth Condrey Talks About the Song "Death was Arrested" & North Point InsideOut's New EP

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North Point InsideOut has released their first project for Centricity Music on April 7th. Nothing Ordinary features five songs that were written and performed by North Point InsideOut worship leaders, musicians and songwriters. The first single, "Death Was Arrested," is already having a powerful impact at Christian radio.

North Point InsideOut is a division of North Point Ministries, and the church will host a major music event in their hometown of Atlanta, Ga. at the Infinite Energy Arena (formerly Gwinnett Center) on March 26. It will be an early launch for Nothing Ordinary, with 10,000 people invited to the concert. Tickets are now on sale for the event and can be purchased at

We are honored to catch up with Seth Condrey, one of the worship leaders at North Point Church, for this exclusive interview.

Q: Thank you for doing this interview with us. For some of us are slower, can you tell us the difference between North Point Music and Noth Point Insideout? What is the significance of the "Insideout" part?

"North Point Music is a music label out of our church that manages all the resources and songwriting that we do for North Point ministries. North Point InsideOut is our student ministry that started a little over 20 years ago when the church started. Kevin Ragsdale, Director of InsideOut, North Point Ministries, named it InsideOut and his focus was to help students transform from the inside out as a result of their relationship with Jesus. North Point Music helps up export the music that we create, and we wanted to share what's been happening in our student environments."

Q: I must say your song "Death Was Arrested" has been blessing many churches especially during this time of Easter. How did the song come about?

"'Death Was Arrested' originally started a few years back when our drummer, Brandon Coker, was taking a walk in a cemetery in south Georgia when he came across a tombstone that got his attention. On the tombstone were the words, 'death arrested his progress,' speaking about the gentleman who was buried there. Brandon kept that phrase in the back of his mind, and a few years later he and some other worship leaders from our church got together at a camp and started tossing around the idea of writing a song about the resurrection. They wrote the song, with this amazing gospel message, and sang it at that camp. It has just exploded in our church, is changing lives and has been such a blessing to steward for this season."

Q: Did you expect this song to be so well received across churches?

"I think in the beginning it caught us by surprise. We knew from the very beginning the impact it was having on our students and that there was something special there. But I don't think we imagined that it would impact churches outside of our church."

Q: Laura Story has also recorded a version of "Death Was Arrested." Have you heard her version? What do you think of take?

"Yes, we love it! For someone like her to want to record one of our songs is a massive honor and privilege. She's a great songwriter and worship leader in her own right, so we love the fact that she was willing to record our song."

Q: Let's talk about your new EP "Nothing Ordinary." Why did you name your record "Nothing Ordinary"?

"Nothing Ordinary comes from a line in the song that we wrote called 'We Are Royals.' It says, 'This is nothing ordinary. There is power in the name we carry.' We believe that 100%. The movement that Jesus started on this earth is something that transforms lives. It's not just something that happens without the hand of God. It's His power! It's the spirit that He gave us. We want not only to sing and lead with that, but we want every church and every person in the world to experience the power of God in their lives. It says in 2 Timothy 1:7, "For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline." We believe there's power in the name of Jesus and that it is extraordinary.

Q: How do you wish this EP would impact God's kingdom?

We hope that our songs lead people to know, love and follow Jesus. We believe that the kingdom is possible through His life and us taking up His life. Through the songs and lyrics that we write, our hope is that people would sing them and find themselves living the words, which could usher people into the kingdom of God as they sing and worship Jesus. We hope that it unites the church. 

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