The Old Paths Return for "The Long Run"

The Old Paths

In the 10 years of the Old Path's existence they have become known as vessels for Christ and tools for His purpose through their music ministry. The result has been not only a decade of spreading the message of the Gospel but also recording and performing some of the most significant music in the genre today. Now they offer Long Run (releases on July 14). a six song collection written by today's most beloved writers.

Each crafted with awesome effort and special attention to vocal and instrumental arrangement, while delivering the lyric that speaks volumes. The result is a selection of music that is profound, gripping, and inspiring.

The lead song and first single from this classic EP, is "Tangled in the Middle." Composed by award winning writer Regina Walden this is a wake up song! An eye opener in both music and message that has you starting your day in prayer and praise! "Peace Is on the Way" from hit writers Dianne Wilkinson and Rebecca Peck is done in great traditional Southern Gospel style with four part harmonies. It's about the hard fought battle we all go through in our struggle with sin as it drains our strength. We battle to reap the rewards at the end.

"Broken People Like Me" is a heart mending balled from Kenna West and Lee Black written about a life of faith lost and won again. The stirring arrangement and poignant delivery of this message spotlights the group's tenor and newest member Steve Ladd. "For the nobody's and could have beens, disillusioned and the doubters, every life train wrecked by sin, every down and outer, for the lonely and the one who's weak, fool hearted with stubborn streak, for the soul that doesn't even know what they need, for the mixed up messed broken people like me."

"My Everyday Life" from celebrated Gospel writer Sandy Knight is another Traditional Quartet song about looking forward and praising that special moment when God returns. (1 Thessalonians 5:2) "In The Long Run," is the title track and a metaphor for the journey of The Old Paths who have met life's challenges and answered them with grateful hearts. The song was written by Rodney Birch who penned three prior #1's for the group and adds to the diversity of this EP with a throwback, Country feel. "At the Name of Jesus": That moment that we all look for when an anointed lyric meets an anointed voice, an inspired arrangement and passionate delivery. Written by Rebecca and Logan Peck it is about those times when we find ourselves transported into the presence of Christ. When the Holy Spirit moves and His name is silently invoked.

The Old Paths have returned but their vision has not changed. They have not compromised. Though they have journeyed down the Old Path for a decade now, their voyage has only just begun.


Peace Is On The Way

In The Long Run

Broken People Like Me

Tangled In The Middle

At The Name Of Jesus

My Everyday Life  

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