Is America Coming to an End? Author Jeff Kinley Addresses this Question in this Exclusive Interview

Jeff Kinley

With the North Korea missile program, the continued divide over President Trump and now apocalyptic claims tied to the upcoming solar eclipse, is America coming to an end?  What happens when a country glories in its immorality, turning away from faith in God and obedience to Him? 

Author Jeff Kinley in his new book The End of America? explores the rapid decline of America as a Christian nation, God's prophetic plan for America, and what can be done to turn this country back to a great nation.  We are honored to catch up with Jeff to talk about this grave issue and his new book. 

Q: Jeff, congratulations on the release of your new book "The End of America?" Is America really in trouble? Why?

Thank you very much. Yes, I do believe our country is in a desperate crisis, due to our consistent and blatant disregard for God as Creator and our defiance of His moral law. We are declining spiritually, as statistically more and more Americans are identifying as atheists or agnostics, with a significant percentage of them never even having been to a church. For the first time in our nation's history, less than half of our population now attend church of any kind. We are officially a "Post-Christian" nation. But we also continue to decay morally as well. With the increasing acceptance of gross immorality in mainstream America, we have become a country that literally celebrates sin and evil. Homosexuality, lesbianism, gay marriage, transgenderism, and moral relativism on virtually every issue is clear evidence we have lost our way, and are adrift in a sea of iniquity.

Q: You did talk about America being rooted in Biblical truth. How did we lose our Biblical roots?

Countries don't die overnight, but often suffer slow deaths brought on by internal diseases. Without question, we were once a country rooted in Biblical truth. I have an entire chapter in The End of America? where I trace our Christian beginnings and show how we were, without question, founded on biblical principles. However, over time, we have made conscious choices that have severed ourselves from the source of God's blessing. Some of these decisions have been made by society while others by our government leaders, and even the President and Supreme Court (abortion, homosexual unions, racial injustices, etc.) But I believe the church is also complicit in our departure from what we once were. Content to allow traditional cultural morals and political parties to preserve our godly heritage, Christians created their own subculture, and thus defaulted on their divine mandate to be "salt and light" in the world.

Q: What are some of the signs that we are living in the end times?

According to Scripture, the end times will be accompanied by the return of the Nation of Israel to the Holy Land (Ezekiel 37). This has already happened with the re-establishment of Israel as a nation. And this prophecy continues to be fulfilled as Jews keep flooding back to the land from all over the world. Other Revelation and end times prophecies to be fulfilled are: globalism and an emerging one-world government, a much-needed peace agreement in the Middle East, a rebuilt Jewish Temple, worldwide persecution of Christians, pandemic violence and immorality, apostasy in the Church, and a global love for self and pleasure (Daniel 2:36-47; Revelation 6:2; 17:9-10; Daniel 9:27; Matthew 24:15; 1 Thessalonians 2:3-4; 5:1-3; 2 Timothy 3:1-5; Romans 1:18-32; 1 Timothy 4:1-3).

Q: Do you think these signs are coming to fruition these days?

I do see the stage being set for all of these events to occur. The Jews are restored to the land. Globalism is a growing movement across the world, as we have undoubtedly become a global economy moving towards the uniting of nations. Peace in the Middle East is the #1 goal of civilized countries. The Temple Institute (est. 1987) has as its goal to rebuild the Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount. They have already fashioned Temple garments, trained priests and are making sacrifices prior to its construction. I believe the peace treaty brokered by the antichrist will be the document which allows them to begin this construction following the Rapture.

Q: You mentioned persecution of Christians, how are Christians persecuted these days? Will this get worse?

Currently, 65 countries are actively persecuting Christians worldwide. Nine out of the top 10 countries that are persecuting Christians the most have a 50% or greater population of Muslims. So globally, this is the greatest source of Christian persecution. We in America have gotten a pass on persecution for 200 years because of our Christian roots and foundations, but now that society has become morally corrupt, the church is now being marginalized and Christians here are beginning to feel the heat of persecution. In other countries our brothers and sisters are slaughtered through beheading, crucifixion, violent rape, being burned alive and many other unspeakable acts of violence. Here in America, we have witnessed a growing social persecution, and now we are beginning to experience legal persecution as well. Believers are standing up for biblical values and facing hostility because of their faith. I do not know how intense persecution will get in this country leading up to the Rapture, but I do believe that growing persecution will serve to strengthen, purify, and unite the church.

Q: What are we do? What's our response?

The first thing American Christians must do is to realize that we are pursuers of God, first, and patriots, second. I love my country very much, as I'm sure you do. But we must realize that our primary citizenship is in Heaven (Philippians 3:20). That's where our #1 loyalty and allegiance lies. Being a Christian is both our identity and our destiny, and therefore we must set our minds on things above not just on the things on the earth (Colossians 3:1-14. We must choose to seek God and his values above all earthly and selfish pursuits. Like Jesus, we must resolve that we are here to accomplish our Fathers will (John 4:34.) Therefore, it is time for Christians to rise up and take a strong stand against sin, while simultaneously reaching out with the one message that can change America, the message of salvation in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Q: What's the role of your book? How can you book influence and impact our lives now?

I wrote The End of America? to serve as not only as a trumpet call alerting us to some disturbing truths about our country, but also as a wake-up call to the church. We must become serious about being Jesus's followers in this culture and nation. This book is not only informational and biblical, but also highly motivational and inspirational as well. It is a strong challenge to believers everywhere to realize that we are living in the last days and that God has placed us here for such a time as this. This truly could be our hour of destiny! 


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