for King & Country's Luke Smallbone Asks for Prayer for Son Who Stopped Breathing in Sleep

for King and Country

One half of CCM's for King and Country, Luke Smallbone took on social media to ask fans to pray for his newborn son stopped breathing during a nap. Smallbone and his wife first announced that they welcomed their newborn baby, Leo, to the world a day on July 21. 

"Yesterday I was mowing the lawn when I heard my wife frantically yelling for me to call 911. I wasn't immediately sure why until I saw her holding our little boy, Leo, who was very gray and looking lifeless. She felt God impress on her to check on him while he was napping and after many prayers and some CPR, our little boy started to breathe again," Smallbone wrote.

"We're all currently at the hospital running tests and not sure about all that happened. We understand now more than ever that these kids aren't ours, but God entrusts them to us for a time. We will hold him that much tighter and we're that much more thankful that he spared Leo's life. Leo is stable and doing great but would covet your prayers!" 

The singer and his wife have one other son named Jude, who is 4 years old.

The Smallbone family have not shared any further information regarding Leo but have asked for prayers as they await the doctors report on what caused their baby to stop breathing in his sleep.



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