Anne Graham Lotz, Daughter of Billy Graham, Reflects on the Impact of her Dad's Death

Anne Graham Lotz

In the wake of the death of evangelist Billy Graham, daughter Anne Graham Lotz has sat down with WRAL-TV for an interview on Monday to talk about the impact of her legendary evangelist father, who passed away last week at the age of 99. 

"I believe my father's death is heaven's shot across the bow. It's time for the church to wake up," Anne Graham Lotz said in an interview with WRAL News. "It's time for the world to wake up because you're not promised tomorrow. You need to decide now where you're going to spend eternity."

Lotz believes that churches need to get back to showing people how to read the Bible and pray to develop a personal relationship with Jesus - the type of message Graham preached for decades in crusades around the world, she said.

"We're so divided. There's so much anger, so much polarization, and Jesus is the answer," she said. "If you look at my Daddy's life, he cuts across all those divides, whether it's a racial divide, a political divide, a social divide. People all across the spectrum love and honor Billy Graham. Why? Because of his message and because he presented Jesus, and Jesus is the one who unifies us and brings us together."

Graham's death has left a void in her life, Lotz said, but she's also at peace.

"I know Daddy's in heaven. I have every confidence I'm going to see him again. But inside, I feel empty, and it's not easy," she said.

Lotz's family surrounded Graham during her final visit with him, and she said her 11-year-old granddaughter told him she loved him as the family was leaving. Graham answered back, "I love you."




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