Chris Tomlin Speaks of Upcoming Album & The Need for Unity

Chris Tomlin

Worship leader and songwriter Chris Tomlin returns with his eagerly awaited new studio album, which is coming out on the 21st of September. The new album is preceded by the new single "Resurrection Power."

In accord with all his worship albums, this new album, as yet untitled, is focused on the Lord. "I'm always trying to write songs that really connect people with God, give voice to connect them with the Lord," Tomlin tells Billboard about his new music.

"I've never strayed from that. It's not about show or entertainment; I love when people have a good time, but the greatest thing about it for me is those moments when people really feel like they're connecting with the lord and can express their gratitude to God. I've always tried to write songs in that way." 

As the songwriter behind the worship favourites "How Great Is Our God," "Our God," and "Whom Shall I Fear," Chris' songs lead people to the heart of Jesus and into a deeper worship of Him.

Tomlin reveals that the album will be focused on bringing unity across the nation. "Obviously our nation feels more than a bit divided and we feel more polarized than ever," he says. "Every little thing turns into some kind of argument and everybody takes their side. If one place ought to be a place of oneness and unity, I believe that is the church. Jesus' last prayer of the scriptures is praying to his father that 'your people be one.' That's what people want, all over. That's what we needed to strive to achieve."

Chris Tomlin is among the most well-known and influential artists in contemporary Christian music. Referred to by TIME Magazine as "most likely the most often sung artist anywhere," Chris consistently has several songs in the top 20 of the Top 100 CCLI songs. "How Great Is Our God" was his first No. 1 on the CCLI Top 25, becoming one of the fasting rising modern day hymns in CCLI chart history. 

"I can't believe 20 years down the road it's better than it's ever been," he says. "I feel like the tours keep growing, and I think there's a few of my songs that have gone past me as an artist. They're not really attached to me anymore; they're people's songs to God, and the songs become part of the fabric of the church. That's special when a song does that, and I'm grateful for it. I've never forgotten it's really about the song, and how does the song affect somebody." 





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