Plumb Shares How Her New Album & Book Can Help All Daughters


Fans of singer and songwriter Plumb have double reasons to rejoice,  Inspired by Plumb's daughter, she has released her new album BEAUTIFULLY BROKEN. The record shares an empowering vision of challenging the world for the safety, health, and hope of every daughter.  But it's not just a message for women - BEAUTIFULLY BROKEN has a powerful message that "we all need to know and be reminded that we are all beautiful and worthy."

But that's not all... PLUMB has her second book, titled FIGHT FOR HER...Even If You Have To Fight Her, releasing the same day as the movie. FIGHT FOR HER...Even If You Have To Fight Her is a moving challenge to women of all ages to fight for each other... even if that means fighting WITH each other. With love. With hope. And with bucket loads of grace.

Drawn from the generational lessons of both being and having a daughter, in each chapter Plumb explores fundamental questions and issues every girl and woman face with both depth and levity. Her sense of humor and down to earth life lessons draw us to hold on to Jesus and each other with full hearts, wanting the best for each other. With thoughtful questions in every chapter, FIGHT FOR HER offers an empowering, encouraging and enriching read both as a standalone book and small group discussion. WE ARE ALL DAUGHTERS...WE ARE ALL WORTH FIGHTING FOR.  

Q:  Thank you so much for doing this interview with us.  I was reading your new book and I was captivated by it.  For the sake of our readers who have not read it, briefly what is the book about?

I wrote Fight for Her...Even if You Have to Fight Her to revolutionize the way women communicate with each other. "Fighting for" can often look like "fighting with" and "standing up for" can look like "standing up to." 

Q:  Who's your target audience for this book? 

All daughters, which is all women young and old. 

Q:  In what ways can this book help our readers in their relationships with others and with God?

We cannot be Christian by ourselves. We need real community, the Church, to do that. And to achieve real community we must know how to communicate. This book gives practical steps and stories of failure and triumph to inspire you how to step our of your comfortable place and both have and be the community necessary to become the woman God has created and calls you to be. 

Q:  The book has a forward written by your own mother. And in the first chapter, you wrote about her.  Tell us about your mother. And briefly, how has she influenced you?

My mother cared more about me being holy than happy. She was more than comfortable with the word "no." She fought with me, for me. Stood by me and up to me. She raised me to care more about being faithful than being popular. I owe so much of who I am as a woman, wife, mother, and human being to her. She also taught me to make a mean apple pie. 

Q: One of the most powerful chapters in the book is the chapter on the power of no.  What is the power of no? How is this important?

The power of no involves trust. Trusting in truth. Not leaning on feelings or emotion, but on facts and the truth we know, combined with the conviction we're given in our guts from the Holy Spirit. The power of no creates a boundary of safety. A boundary that says to the person you're telling "no" that they are cared for and loved. 

Q: On top of your new book, you have a new album out. I love the title and the title cut "Beautifully Broken."  We don't often associate "beauty" and "broken" together,  can you explain the gist of the song?

Absolutely. Although "Beautifully Broken" is a song, I like to think of it more as a tool. A tool to help us be able to accept our brokenness and then be able to offer that brokenness back to our Creator and allow Him to use it, which is what makes it beautiful. What we've done or what's been done to us isn't what matters. What really matters is Who we belong to. And He can take it all, whether it's our fault or not, and use it to advance His Kingdom. 

Q:  What are you most excited about this record?

Everyone hearing it. I feel like it's the most honest, and true, and vulnerable record I've made, and I'm so excited to share that. To share what God has done-- what He's taught me, shown me, and given me to share. 

Q:  Personally what are your hopes for this book and album?

To start a revolution and begin a legacy. I have a heart for the broken girl. And this record and this book have an overarching theme for her directly.  I've always had a heart for her, and now in this season God has prepared me and given me some of the tools, team, and community to begin that journey. It's only just the beginning.  




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