Plumb Collaborates With Blood: Water Mission For “One Drop” Music Video

Singer Plumb collaborated with Blood: Water Mission to record a music video for the song “One Drop.”

The song speaks the lyrics of encouragement of how it takes only one drop of love to change the world. The songs supports the vision of Blood: Water Mission, with the goal to help our neighbors in Africa provide with clean water which is so precious in that part of the world even thought to many of us it seems very ordinary.

The music video came out just in time as Plumb readies to release her new record this end of this month. Plumb’s Need You Now will drop February 26, 2013. The record contains 13 tracks including the song “One Drop.”

Watch Plumb “One Drop” in the video below.

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Need You Now track list:

1. Invisible

2. Drifting

3. Beautiful

4. One Drop

5. I Want You Here

6. Say Your Name

7. Unlovable

8. Need You Now (How Many Times)

9. Chocolate & Ice Cream

10. Don't Deserve You  

11. Cage

12. At Arms Length

13. I Don't Deserve You

For more information about Blood: Water Mission founded by Jars of Clay visit organization’s website at

The first successful single from the album was the title track “Need You Now.” The album so far received 25 reviews on Amazon and all of them gave Plumb’s new record 5 stars!

What are your thoughts on Plumb’s new release? 

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