Steve Ladd Talks About Creating a Record Full of Hope & Deliverance

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Gospel singer Steve Ladd is continuing to spread the word of Christ by crafting music for all tastes with his newest project, Come Up Clean on Sonlite Records. With powerhouse vocals and music that brings in elements of other genres, Ladd creates an upbeat and soulful EP that carries a traditional message in a modern way.

The first single, "The Thing About A Valley," sets the tone with its contemporary, upbeat music and message that "the thing about a valley" is that it reminds you to look up to God in times of darkness.

Q: Steve, thanks for doing this interview with us. Congratulations on the release of your new EP "Come Clean." How was this album birthed?

A: Thanks Timothy! I honored you would ask for this interview! I'm so excited about the upcoming release for Come Up Clean. I feel it's my best effort to date! My producer (Cody McVey) and I started this project around the first of the year. I've always loved different genres of Christian music. We wanted to have a variety of songs that have a lot of meat on them...I feel we accomplished that.

Q: When you were making this record, what kind of songs were you looking for?

A: Well, we had an idea of the type of songs we were looking for. We wanted it to be an album of encouragement and deliverance! The right songs came in, and it just felt right.

Q: You also have Jason Crabb singing with you on the title track. What was it like working with Jason?

A: Jason has been a friend for around 20 years. When I approached him with the idea of joining me on the title track, he was kind enough to agree! He's such an incredible singer and his voice fit the song so well. He's one of the best! A great friend!

Q: Besides Jason, who else (in terms of singers/songwriters) did you work with on this new record?

A: Cody McVey is truly an incredible producer. We work very well together. We had some incredible musicians and some of THE TOP songwriters in the business! Writers like Kenna Turner West, Lee Black, Rodney Griffin, Jason Cox, Tony Wood and other greats! I'm so pleased with the mix. I've never worked with Scott Williamson before, but he killed it on the mix! Such a fresh approach...but a current approach...if that makes sense.

Q: Talk to us about your new single "The Thing About a Valley." What makes you excited about this song?

A: "The Thing About A Valley" was one of the first songs I picked. Rodney Griffin sent the song, and I immediately fell in love with it. It's an up-tempo song that feels more like I'm singing a ballad. It has a strong message that we all need to be reminded of. When we're in the lowest part of the valley, it's not always a bad thing because it keeps you looking up. Great song, and radio seems to be receiving it well.

Q: Can you recall a time when you yourself were in a valley? How did you then realize that your help comes from above?

A: Man, I don't think a single one of us has not walked through a valley or survived a storm. It's kind of sad, but we are human, and at times we forget where our help comes from until the bottom drops out of life. I've spent my share of valleys at first feeling self-pity, but quickly realize I can do NOTHING without the help of God! It's a great reminder.

Q: Having not yet heard the record myself, share with us a couple more of the songs on there. And why you are excited about them?

A: I really like the song "He Has Made A Way." It's different for me stylistically. It tells the story of the miracle at the Red Sea and how God will part the waters in our lives and make a way when there seems to be no way. "I Never Lost My Praise" is a soulful ballad that I absolutely love! Things come and go in our life. I've lost a lot and gained a lot. One thing we should never lose is our praise! Great song! Of course, "Come Up Clean" is special to me. I grew up going to

the river for baptisms. There's something special about that to me. To have Jason's talent on there is the icing to the cake on this new EP!

Q: How do you wish this record would encourage your listeners and fans?

A: I really want to convey the message of hope and deliverance with this new project. I feel there's something for whatever anyone is going through in their lives at this moment. It's a variety of hope! 

Come Up Clean will be available from Sonlite Records on September 28. Pre-order it HERE.


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