15 of the Easiest Green Room Requests

Outrageous hospitality riders for mainstream bands have shown fans just how pampered (and sometimes ridiculous) performers can be. From Van Halen's notorious bowls of M&Ms, with all the brown ones removed to Lil Wayne's requirement that a chartered Lear jet fly him and his crew to and from the venue and the only acceptable hotel rooms in his world are Presidential Suites in 5-star hotels, the things they ask for (and get) frequently go beyond outrageous. Christian bands are a lot easier to work with as the most outrageous request found is for different color Sharpies!

Andrew Peterson 

Andrew is easy - he just want snacks in his dressing room.

Andrew Peterson
(Photo : Bozeman Media)
Andrew Peterson

Chris August

Strawberry Nutra Grain Bars

Chris August
(Photo : Fervent Records / Word Entertainment)
Chris August

Dara Maclean

Dara is another easy artist - she wants snacks.

Dara Maclean
(Photo : Fervent Records / Word Entertainment)
Dara Maclean


1 case of PURIFIED bottled water (24 x 16oz bottles)

12 Bottles of assorted Gatorade

12 Bottles of assorted fruit juice (Apple, Lemonade, Orange, Cranberry)

8 Cans of Energy Drinks (Red Bull or Monster)

1 Honest Tea or Odwalla Super Food

6 Starbucks bottled Frappuccinos (Vanilla, Caramel, or Coffee Flavors)

Disciple (2012)
(Photo : Fair Trade Services)


Bottled water

Bananas and apples

Vege tray

Diet Caffeine Free Coke

FFH (2012)
(Photo : Provident)


Bottled non‐carbonated drinking water


Assorted 100% fruit juices (Simply OJ, Simply Apple, etc.)

Soda - Pepsi, Coke Zero, Mountain Dew, Sprite, Dr. Pepper

Southern sweet tea

Mixed nuts

Fruit and fruit tray

Vegetable tray

Granola bars

Fireflight (2012)
(Photo : Provident)

Jadon Lavik


Bottled water

Fruit tray

Veggie tray


Tea bags with honey and lemon

Jadon Lavik (2011)
(Photo : bec Recordings)
Jadon Lavik

Jimmy Needham

Snacks (e.g. pita chips and hummus)

KIND bars


Odwalla or Naked drinks



Bottled water (lots at room temperature)

Napkins and Kleenex

Jimmy Needham (2012)
(Photo : Inpop Records)
Jimmy Needham

Kyle Sherman

Only 1 or 2 items from this list is needed:

1 large fruit tray (purple grapes, pineapples, apples)

Assortment of crackers and cheese (Cheddar, Swiss, Monterey)

4 single servings of Apple or any other juice

Gatrorade drinks

1 box Nutri-Grain Bars

Kyle Sherman (2012)
(Photo : Provident)
Kyle Sherman

Laura Story

Laura travels with her daughter, so food is included for her ...

Snacks 1 Bag of Pretzels

Assorted fresh fruit (organic preferred)

3 packets of baby food, either Ella's organic baby food Nature's Best of Plum Organic, any flavor is fine OR a blender with fresh organic fruits & vegetables.

Laura Story (2011)
(Photo : Provident)
Laura Story

Love and Death featuring Brian "Head" Welch

2 (24 qty) cases of water

1 (12 pack) of Vitamin Water - Assorted Flavors

4 packs (each) of Orange Monster Energy Drinks, Red Bull Energy Drinks, Perrier Sparkling Water

6 packs (each) of Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, Coke Zero

1 Veggie Tray

1 Bag of Oreo Cookies

1 Bag of Trail Mix

1 Box of Assorted Granola Bars


Love and Death featuring Brian
(Photo : Tooth & Nail Records)
Love and Death featuring Brian "Head" Welch


Meredith Andrews

Crackers & Cheese

Chips & Salsa

Fruit & Vegetable Plate

Sugar Free Chewing Gum

Bottled Water (48 bottles)

Various Sodas (Dr. Pepper, Coke Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale)

Various Juices

Sugar Free Red Bull (8 cans)

Coffee (sugar & cream)

Hot Water & Tea Bags (Throat Coat) w/ Lemon Juices & Honey

5 Black Hand Towels (for performance)


Meredith Andrews (2013)
(Photo : Word Entertainment)
Meredith Andrews


Natalie Grant


Soft drinks

Snacks such as fruit/vegetable tray, sweet and salty granola bars

Chicken wings or tenders, pizza or local favorites for the bus.


Natalie Grant (2011)
(Photo : Curb Records)
Natalie Grant



4 (each) Regular Red Bull, Sugar-Free Red Bull

6 (each) ginger ale, Coke Zero, Diet Dr. Pepper,

1 12-pack case of Corona or Bud Light

2 bottles of good quality Cabernet wine

1 block sharp white cheddar deli cheese

12 assorted Powerade (red, orange, blue, purple)

1 large bottle of cranberry juice

1 half gallon Tropicana orange juice

Complete coffee and throat coat tea set up including, honey

1 case Fiji water- 500ml bottles

1 case regular bottles water for stage

1 half gallon vanilla soy or almond milk

1 5-pack Atkins protein bars (no cookie dough flavor)

1 bag Mission Chips with 1 can El Paso mild salsa and 1 can mild queso

1 small (each) fresh vegetable tray, fresh assorted fruit tray, assorted cheese and cracker tray

1 package beef jerky

1 (each) 1/2 pound bag of quality deli sliced ham, quality deli sliced turkey, quality deli sliced deli cheese (cheddar, provolone, colby)

1 loaf fresh multi-grain bread

3 packs Orbit chewing gum

1 big bag regular M&M's

5 black and 5 silver Sharpie markers

2 packages Solo cups (red or blue in color)


P.O.D. (2012)
(Photo : Razor & Tie)


Point of Grace

12 bottles of water (not Evian please, Aquafina preferred)

Sodas: Coke, Diet Coke, Diet Dr Pepper, Caffeine free Diet Coke

Hard candy (for throat

Trident/Orbit gum (or comparable sugar-free gum)

Local specialty snacks


Point of Grace
(Photo : Word Entertainment)
Point of Grace


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