Paul Wilbur on the Making of "Roar of Zion"


Veteran worship leader Paul Wilbur returns with his brand new live recording Roar from Zion.  Featuring brand new songs as well as a reprisal of his patented hit "Days of Elijah," this album is recorded live in Jerusalem on September the 25th.  These songs will certainly bring awarness and celebration to what Christ is doing among the Jewish people. 

Recorded in the Pavillion, recording includes the worship and voices of Shae Wilbur, Sarah Liberman, Joshua Aaron, Jamie Hilsden, Becka Shae, and an Israeli choir of millennial Jewish, Arab and Christian believers. Also, there will be several Israeli instrumentalists, and the finest of the Nashville musicians.

Q:  Paul, thanks for doing this interview with us.  Congratulations on the release of your new album, why did you call it "Roar from Zion"?

While reading the book of the prophet Joel several years back I came across a phrase I had never noticed before. In verse 16 the Word says, "The Lord will roar from Zion and thunder from Jerusalem". This immediately caught my attention and my imagination, and before I knew what was happening I began to write lyrics and assemble a team to release a sound from Zion that would shake the nations!

Q:  Why did you choose to record the album live in Jerusalem?  Why Jerusalem?

Well, because the Lord said He would roar from Zion and thunder from Jerusalem, we had to be there in order to hear that sound! It would hardly be the same to record a sound entitled "Roar from Nashville"!

Q:  What were some of the highlights of the recording that you cherish?

Too many to detail, but here's a short list:1. It was done live in Jerusalem.2. We worked with some of our favorite worshipers on the planet. 3. The two venues where we worshiped are very special to me for more than one reason. 4. The songs were are created or gathered with a specific purpose in mind. 5. We had on our team Christian Arabs, Messianic Jews, and Christians from all over the globe. In short, we had a microcosm of Heaven worshipping together. 6. This happened at a very prophetic time; the 70th anniversary of the rebirth of Israel, the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem, the 500th of the Reformation, the 100th of the Balfour Declaration, the Feast of Tabernacles, the 20th anniversary of Jerusalem Arise!7. Our guest artists are very special people with exceptional gifts and anointings. 8. My entire family was with me, including my brother and his wife, and my sister. 9. So many special people stood up to partner with us and to see this happen. 10. I could go on and on except I am typing on my iPhone in a hotel room!!

Q:  You also have a few guest worship leaders on the recording.  Can you tell us who they are?

Sure. Joshua Aaron who is already an Integrity Music writer and worship artist. Sarah Liberman is a new friend to me, but her song and voice are the exceptional closers for this project. Becka Shae from Nashville is a well loved and known worship artist. Jamie Hilsden from Jerusalem is a very talented song writer who leads his own team from Israel. And...Shae Wilbur is my very talented daughter-in-law from LA, who happens to be the daughter of Joel Chernoff the leader of the Messianic group LAMB of the 70's and 80's. 

Q:  In some of the songs, you have deliberately included Hebrew words in the lyrics.  What's the significance of this?

I completely embrace the idea of the Kingdom of God and the Ephs. 2 expression of "the One New Man." Our faith is built on the Apostles and Prophets, that began in Jerusalem with Abraham and will find an amazing fullness in Jerusalem when Yeshua returns and sets up His Kingdom!

Q:  You have also included new recordings of your hits "Days of Elijah" and "Adonai."  Why did you choose to revisit them?  

These songs have become themes and mainstays for me over the years and it seemed right to revisit them with a stylistic facelift so to speak. 

Q:  A message that runs right through the album is that Jesus indeed is the Messiah.  How has this messiah change your life personally? 

Yikes! Once you have an encounter with the Living King, nothing is ever the same again! My encounter was March 26th 1977, and He continues to prove Himself to me today! Yeshua, Jesus is Lord; I am not ashamed, and I am not afraid! 90 countries have heard our songs in five recorded languages and we are not finished yet by a long shot. We will continue to declare His praises in the earth wherever He leads and as long as He gives us breath!



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