Christian Leaders Share Strong Words After Synagogue Shooting in CA


On Saturday, a gunman opened fire at a synagogue in California killing one woman and wounding three other people, police said. A 19-year-old man named as John Earnest was arrested after the attack, in Poway, north of the city of San Diego. The synagogue had been hosting a Passover celebration when the gunman burst in, reports said.

The San Diego Sheriff's Department said it assigned deputies to religious centers throughout the weekend. While security has been heightened, authorities said it is not indicative of a greater threat. 

President Donald Trump, speaking outside the White House Saturday, told reporters, "At this moment it looks like a hate crime, but my deepest sympathies to all of those affected and we'll get to the bottom of it." 

Christian leaders have also responded to this tragedy.

David Jeremiah, New York Times bestselling author and nationally syndicated TV and radio host:

"Today we mourn with those directly impacted by today's tragic synagogue shooting at the Chabad of Poway. Poway is a community close to Turning Point and Shadow Mountain Community Church. Our prayers are with the victims and their families and for all the Jewish people throughout this city, this country, and the world. The Christian community stands firmly and compassionately behind our Jewish brothers and sisters, and we condemn hatred against anyone, especially those with their heads bowed in prayer, as those in Poway were, celebrating the last day of Passover. May God be close to those who have suffered this terrible tragedy. 

Jentezen Franklin, Senior Pastor of Free Chapel:  

"It seems a week doesn't go by before we hear of yet another attack against those peacefully exercising their right to worship. I'm grieving for the people of Poway, California tonight and the Jewish community around the world after such a senseless synagogue shooting. I so desperately want the world to know that the God who made us and loves us does not call us to act in violence towards anyone. In a time of increasing hostility towards nearly every faith, I pray we all take a moment to remind our children that a bullet, a bomb or a clenched fist is never the answer to our troubles. Loving your neighbor-no matter their race, religion, or creed-is always the better choice.

Beth Moore, Best Selling Christian Author and Speaker:

"'This present darkness has never in my lifetime felt more present over this land. It feels horrifically, hauntingly determined. The people of God must, if we're to withstand it at all, become exceedingly determined in taking the shades off our lamps and wiping away the soot."

Joseph D'Souza, President of All India Christian Council:  

"There is no worse form of terrorist extremism than an attack on a place of worship - whether it be arson at churches in Louisiana, mass shootings at mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, or this weekend's attack on a synagogue in Poway, California. This evil must be confronted by all of us, especially faith leaders who at times have to overcome threats from within their own community to speak up against extremism. We cannot be bystanders in this war against the right of any community to worship in peace. Enough is enough" 


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