Ricky Capps of Master's Voice Chats About "Vintage" & the Hymn that Helped in His Darkest Times

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Master's Voice is once again using their talents to create music with a message on Vintage, a collection of new recordings of well-known Southern Gospel classics and hymns. On this album, Master's Voice has brought their own style to familiar songs, while still honoring the roots from which they came. It will resonate with listeners of all ages as it shares poignant messages of the gospel. Vintage will be available May 10 from Sonlite Records

Since 1995, Master's Voice has been committed to bringing an evangelistic approach to singing and preaching the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ till all know...or He returns. This team is also devoted to musical excellence, understanding that this "music with a message" requires the utmost professionalism, preparation, commitment, clarity, doctrinal soundness and passionate vocals. The group features founder, owner and tenor singer Ricky Capps; lead singer T.J. Evans; baritone singer David Folenius; bass singer Jerry Pilgrim; musician Theron Perry; and sound technician Chuck Howe. 

We are honored to be able to catch up with owner and tenor singer Ricky Capps for this exclusive interview.

Q:  Congratulations on the release of "Vintage."  Why did you decide an album of Southern Gospel classics and hymns?

We are still fans of this music.  To be honest, we could never ever record all the songs that we love, but this vintage project is a start.  Ha!   

The other reason is because Master's Voice does many different styles of music, and we wanted to let everyone know that we STILL love straight-forward southern gospel music.  

Q: What is about these classic songs that still attract you to them?

I think we, once again, fell in love with the old songs.  For example, "Just As I Am" is one of those songs that we sang so much in our lives, that we almost go on auto-pilot...not appreciating the lyrical beauty.  However, God made it fresh once again to us.  We are so underserving of His very presence in our lives, much less His mercy and His saving grace.  The fact that broken and failed, sin-sick lives could be so pursued by a God who can't even look upon sin is a concept we almost forget about.  We simply fell in love with the lyrics and the retro styles once again. 

Q:  With so many songs and hymns to choose from, how do you narrow your choices?

It may look like we just closed our eyes and pointed, but we really labored over this.  If we had the financial means, this vintage project would have about 80 songs on there!  We had to make some tough cuts (hoping to record those songs on Vintage #2).  We decided to record the ones that we felt like would set a good precedent for the vintage theme.  

Q:  In your opinion, what are the values of singing hymns?

 It is our heritage.  And we aren't ashamed of it.  There is a trend lately that steers away from hymns, and we dont understand it.  Don't get me wrong...we love some of the new stuff too!  But these songs were written out of an experience with God....not some quest for a chart-topper.  We do ourselves, and the future generations a disservice by not remembering these songs.  They are timeless.  Would it shock anyone if we sang these songs in Heaven?  

Q: How do you try to breathe new life to a familiar hymn?

There are variables such as arrangements, vocals, instrumentation, etc, but in my opinion, you can't fake sincerity and passion.  Not to over-spiritualize this, but we pray every time before we take the stage for His anointing  and His power to be upon us.  So, to answer your question, we aren't the ones who bring "new life" to these familiar songs...He is. 

Q:  Has there been a hymn or a classic song that has personally helped you in your walk with God?  Can you tell us an incident?

There are so many!  One on this project is "It Is Well With My Soul."  When tragedy happens, and it will happen, that is when His grace is most noticeable.  Unfortunately, we seldom learn lives greatest lessons through His blessings, but through storms and pain. 

When I buried my little girl, that was a pain that I can't put into words...yet there was also a grace that I had never experienced till then also.  The realization that this is similar feeling to what the author had when he penned the words, "when peace like a river attendeth my way, when sorrows like sea-billows roll."  We don't have to understand, like, or agree with our circumstance to be able to trust Him.  What would it say about our faith if we could only trust Him if things always went our way?  

Q: How does the rest of the year look like for Master's Voice?  

By God's grace, our schedule for 2019 is full other than a few empty Christmas tour dates.  We will be coast to coast this year, once again.  We do several revivals where we preach and sing, several pastors conferences where we get to pour into men who are in the trenches building His kingdom.  We have been invited to the National Quartet Convention main stage this honored. 

We are also singing at the NQC Road Trip in the midwest in November.  With Crossroads, our brand new label project will be released sometime in late summer (it is going to be the best things we have ever been a part of).  And as always, we are relying on God to let us see a perpetual harvest of lost and undone souls.  Man!  He could have called us to do anything in this world.  We are overwhelmed He lets us do this!  



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