Selah Back with “You Amaze Us,” Track Listing and Album Details Revealed


Christian trio Selah is set to release their ninth Curb Records album "You Amaze Us" on August 19.  This is their much anticipated album since 2012's "Hope of the World," which features the band covering songs previously recorded by Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston.

Even before the set bows, the lead single "You Amaze Us" is already breaking records.  It is the first single to ever debut on Billboard's Christian Soft AC Chart at #1.   "You Amaze Us" was penned by The Afters' Jordan Mohilowski, along with Matthew Adcox and Douglas Fowler, and was produced by Mohilowski, Jason Kyle, and Selah's Todd Smith and Allan Hall.

"It's extremely gratifying to know that radio and its audience has so much passion for Selah now and throughout their extraordinary career," says John Butler, Vice President, Promotion, Curb Records. "That radio would come together to give the group a #1 debut in the song's first week going for adds is just an incredible and historic statement."

The forthcoming album "You Amaze Us" will contain the usual Selah trio song.  Half of the songs are newly written material, scribed specifically for the record.  The other half of songs are older hymns done the Selah style.

In his exclusive interview with, this is what Allan Smith has to say about the album: "The new Selah record has some great songs on it and keeps to the pattern of a little "something for everybody" that we've done all these years. It has piano/vocal hymns, full band songs, an African song, etc. "

"One thing I'm excited about is having two co-writes on original tunes on this new album! I usually just arrange the hymns and traditional songs, but I'm slowly turning my hand to writing. Todd has written for quite a while and had songs on our albums throughout the years, but this is the first time any of my originals are on a Selah album! Amy also writes and has been contributing some nice things. I think this will be a fun path to follow as we move ahead!"

Below is the track listing:

1. You Amaze Us

2. Oh Our Lord

3. At the Cross

4. More and More of You

5. Be (My Heart, My Hands, My Voice)

6. Just as I Am

7. Soon and Very Soon

8. Oh the Blood

9. I'd Rather Have Jesus

10. The Old Rugged Cross

11. Victory in Jesus

12. Nearing Home

13. In the Garden

14. We Must Not

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