Adam Crabb “Clean” Album Review

adam crabb

Prime Cuts: Devil's Hand, Champion, Clean

Overall Grade: 4.75/5

If you like your Gospel music climaxing in crescendos of expressive and heartfelt moments, you will adore Adam Crabb's new Daywind album "Clean." Consisting mostly of original ballads, Crabb has a way of unearthing through the different nuances of the emotions and drama of his songs that you can't help but be glued to the speakers when he sings.   Add to this, Crabb has a voice that is conterminously convicting as well as comforting. His supple tenor has the tenacity of say Russ Taff minus Tuff's overbearing huskiness.  And in his tender moments, his voice expresses an array of emotions recalling the vocal prowess of a younger Bill Gaither.  

Crabb is none other than the lead singer for GRAMMY award-winning group, the Gaither Vocal Band and made his first career hits with the Crabb Family.  In 2013, Crabb went solo in releasing the much acclaimed album "Surrender."   After a lengthy weight of almost 6 years, he is back with his much anticipated sophomore album "Clean."  

The album takes on an auspicious start with the gorgeous hymn-like ballad "Where We Belong."  A call to go-back to basics of God's grace, Crabb starts off the record by bringing us back on our knees in thanksgiving. This is followed by the pop-centric worship number "Higher," which is not bad but it certainly not the lodestar of the record.  Things picked up immediately with the extremely creative country-tingled "Devil's Hand."  Warning us about the wry ways of the devil, the song is structured within a narrative framework that is nothing short of stellar.

Current single "Champion" is indeed the "champion" track on this record. Vocally, Crabb goes the nine yards as he invests every molecule of emotions into this song as he convincing reminds us of our worth in Jesus Christ.  Get a packet of Kleenex nearby for the title cut "Clean."  A song that lovingly contrast how God looks at us through the lens of the Cross; the song carries so much truth sung in such pastoral overtones that you will have to have a heart of stone not to be moved.  The bluesy romp "War" and the country frenzy "Well Done My Child" are passable without being memorable.

While most of the songs reflect on the vertical relationship between God and us, "Love Takes You Places" and "Voices" are two heart-rendering treatises on human love, firstly from that of a father followed by a reflection of love from Crabb's own grandma.  The recorded voice of Crabb's grandma (presumably her last telephone message) is certainly one that will induce lots of tear shedding moments.

If you are brave enough to have your hearts moved by songs that go beyond skin-deep and if you want songs that you can go back to again and again because of the richness of their nuances, this album is it. Filled with a storehouse full of treasured stories for the heart, "Clean" is a rare fine.  



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