Gaither Vocal Band Add Adam Crabb and Todd Stuttles as New Replacements for Mark Lowry, Michael English

Gaither Vocal Band

Gaither Vocal Band is proud to announce two replacements for their highly-celebrated singing group. A few weeks ago Adam Crabb was named the new lead singer, joining Bill Gaither, David Phelps and West Hampton. The group has finally rounded out and selected Todd Suttles as the fifth and final member. Suttles will provide baritone for Gaither.

Suttles served as a Sports Fitness Director at Vanderbilt University and was also Vanderbilt's CampVandy Youth Programs Director. While not touring and performing with Gaither Vocal Band, Suttles will resume his positions at the university.

Not new to a life of singing on the road, Suttles has contributed his deep, resonant baritone to the Settles Connection as well as singing background vocals on numerous other recordings.

While Bill appreciated the time and effort previous band members Mark Lowry and Michael English contributed before leaving, he couldn't be more excited with the two new replacements.

"First of all, I want to thank Mark Lowry and Michael English for giving us some really wonderful years and incredible recordings that will live on in gospel music history," Bill states. "We knew when they left, we had big shoes to fill and, as I have said before, you never truly replace anyone. You have to create something new and unique. I have been putting voices together for a long, long time and never before have we considered more possibilities or auditioned so many incredible singers than we have during the past few months. This decision came down to finding a vocal range and texture that would offer just the right balance to the current mix of voices in the group. I could not be happier with this decision. Not only do we love the rich tones in Todd's voice, he also happens to be a wonderful human being to be around. So not only have we gained a talented individual, we have gained a new friend.  And very soon, I believe you will agree. Trust me. This is going to be good!"

Stay tuned for future tour date announcements!

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