Beyonce & Lebron James Top Forbe's 100 Most Powerful Celebrities List, See All Names Here

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Beyonce & Lebron James Top Forbe's 100 Most Powerful Celebrities List, See All Names Here

Forbe's has again posted the Top 100 Most Powerful Celebrities list which was topped by singer Beyonce' Knowles and NBA star Lebron James. Some notably absent names from the Top 20 were Tiger Woods and Justin Timberlake to name a few. Bruno Mars had a huge year with performing at the Super Bowl and catapulted him up the list to No. 13. 

Top 10 Most Powerful Celebrities:

1. Beyonce' Knowles - $115 M

2. Lebron James - $72 M

3. Dr. Dre - $620 M

4. Oprah Winfrey - $82 M

5. Ellen DeGeneres - $70 M

6. Jay-Z - $60

7. Floyd Mayweather - $105 M

8. Rihanna - $48 M

9. Katy Perry - $40 M

10. Robert Downey Jr. - $75 M

Clearly, the list is a who's who and you would recognize most names, but a few notables are Bruno Mars (13), Kobe Bryant (15), Taylor Swift (18), Kayne West (20). 

To view the complete list of 100 Most Powerful Celebrities click HERE

How is the list created?

Forbes - "We start by compiling earnings estimates for more than 200 celebrities to create a pool of top earners. To come up with our earnings estimates, we talk to agents, lawyers, producers and other in-the-know folks about entertainment-related earnings for each celebrity. That can include things like upfront pay for movies, syndication payments for old TV shows, tournament winnings and endorsements. We don't deduct for taxes, agent fees or the other costs of being a celebrity.

Then we use Factiva to count how many times each celebrity was mentioned in print, on TV and on the radio between June 1, 2013, and June 1, 2014, the time frame for this year's list.

We also measure social media reach with help from the smart people at StarCount. The Singapore-based company measures social networking power across 12 platforms including Twitter TWTR +1.1%, Facebook, YouTube, Orkut and Weibo. Each star's number is a reflection of how popular he or she is on the Internet.

This year, we also added an impact ranking (similar to the ones used in our lists of The World's Most Powerful Women and World's Most Powerful People) for each celebrity. The number is the degree of impact each celebrity has had on the entertainment industry and our culture overall during the prior year, based on the evaluation of the list editors, reporters and their sources for the list.

All of the data is processed through an algorithm that creates our power ranking. Earnings carry the most weight. We divide the celebrities into categories like musicians, actors, actresses and personalities, placing a certain number of celebrities from each category on the final list."



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