Find Out the Story Behind Homegrown Worship's Loulita Gill's 'You're Always There'


Bristol based worship leader and songwriter, Loulita Gill, returns with her beautiful, poignant track 'You're Always There'. The song is released by Homegrown Worship. Having reached Number 8 in the Official UK Christian Charts with her previous release, 'And I Sing', this song is a wonderful follow-up, both tender yet powerful.

Loulita's voice sits effortlessly above the swelling textures of keyboards, backing vocals and solid drums, and conveys her devotion to the living God. As ever, the real power here lies in her story. It's raw, honest and real, and will encourage many people to go deeper in their own worship journey. 

Gill tells the story behind the song:

I was laughing with a friend recently saying that one of my Homegrown Worship releases, 'I'm Still Here', is God singing to us and that this release, 'You're Always There', is our response back to Him.

I have always wanted to write a song that spoke about God's unchanging nature. Hebrews 13:8 says that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. That means that because He never changes, He can be trusted and because He can be trusted, He can be depended on.

There is a quote that says: "You may tremble on the rock, but the rock does not tremble." Psalm 18:2 beautifully depicts God as a rock - the One who holds us securely and keeps us safe. This is important because evidently, as long as we are on this earth, we will never live a trouble-free life. Jesus said that in the world we will have many troubles but that we should take heart because He has overcome the world (John 16:33). How awesome is it that the One who has overcome the world is with us every single moment of our lives!

You're Always There reminds me of this. Jesus, my friend (John 15:4), walks hand-in-hand with me every step of the way. He is fully aware of and intimately involved in every aspect of my life. He knows everything about me and He lovingly provides what I need when I need it. Even when I'm doubting Him, when my faith is cloudy or my heart has been hardened because of things I've been through, He does not change. He is faithful. He remains true to His nature. He loves me and He's always there.

Loulita is a singer-songwriter and worship leader based in Bristol, UK. She has been leading worship for over 15 years and in May 2018 released her debut solo album The Last Twelve Years.

Following her album release, Loulita was approached by Andy Baker to become part of Handpicked by Homegrown Worship and will be releasing 6 brand new songs through the playlist this year.

Aside from leading worship and performing her music, Loulita has been involved in teaching the subjects of Worship and Team Building to Bible School students. She is also a gifted graphic designer and has been running her business (Loulita Gill Design) for 9 years.

Loulita graduated with a Masters Degree in Practical Theology from the University of Chester in 2015. She is a wife and mum of three lovely boys. 

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