New Wine Worship Releases New Song "All Blessing"

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New Wine Worship has just released another new song "All Blessing" after the released of the title cut of their new album "This is Love."  The new song features Susie Woodbridge on lead vocals and it's written by Chris Sayburn, Lauren Harris, Susie Woodbridge, Chris Lawson Jones & Mark Vallance 

This is the second release from their latest Integrity Music live worship album New Wine Worship - This Is Love.  Releasing July 26, it was recorded around the country and features worship leaders Chris Sayburn Lauren Harris Susie Woodbridge and Chris Lawson Jones.

The new album will include the songs 'Raise A Hallelujah' (Bethel) 'Build My Life' (Housefires) and a whole load more.

Chris Sayburn,the Head of New Wine Worship, writes: "This is the vision: writing and discovering songs that serve churches. This year I think we are another step closer in moving towards this vision. Yes, we want the albums to sound amazing (a huge shout out to Willie Weeks for his amazing work) and great to blast out in your car (please use your indicators and be polite while driving and blasting out the songs for the integrity of the album ;) But, equally, if not more importantly, when you take away the incredible production and musicianship we want the songs to stand alone and serve local churches and be able to be led on just a guitar or keyboard.

It's been an amazing privilege helping write and collect songs that will do just this for the new album This is love. What I love about this album is that it includes the widest collection of writers we've had to date. There's a stunning song called Until you do written by Esther-Jane White who was an intern at St Aldates Oxford. Be still and Need you now were written out of experiences of pain and loss. We wanted an album that is honest in the 'how long' as well as in the 'hallelujahs'."


All Blessing 
Set A Fire
This Is Love
Build My Life
Come, Holy Spirit (Need You Now)
Be Still
Raise A Hallelujah
You Are God, Be Glorified
Until You Do 

New Wine's primary focus is on enabling church leaders to communicate effectively the good news of God's promises in this generation. Being a Christian isn't a life to be lived alone, but within effective relationships and family. The New Wine network is designed to nurture these relationships, connecting church leaders to equip, inspire and encourage each other to serve their churches and communities.



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