Moriah Peters Reveals Her Inspiration Behind “Brave” & Her American Idol Experience

Moriah Peters

Moriah Peters is set to release her sophomore record "Brave" for Reunion Records on July 15.  Co-produced by Seth Mosley (Francesca Battistelli, Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline) and Joel Smallbone (from For King and Country), this album is sure to excite fans of "I Choose Jesus" and engage a whole new audience.  

The theme of the record is articulated in the title track "Brave."  The notion of bravery came when Peters was at a writing getaway in a cabin an hour away from her California home.  After two fruitless days, the simple solitary word, "Brave" came to her. This ignited a n an inward journey of self exploration. In the process of realizing and facing her fears, Peters understood that the songs produced over the next year were meant to inspire beyond her.  The album features the title track "Brave" with a guest rap by Andy Mineo,  A call to arms to fight against all fears, "this," according to Peters, " is the soundtrack to the battles I fight in my own life."  

Peters started writing songs when she was only 13 and she began playing the guitar since she was young.  For a long time she knew God wanted her to become a Christian singer, but she was uncomfortable with this because of her "froggy" voice, but after hearing Jaci Velasquez, she never felt that way about her voice again.  

Later, Peters auditioned for "American Idol," but they were harsh to her because of her wholesome image, telling her to experience life ("kiss a boy") before entering the music industry.  Peters has a 'no kissing' rule in which she does not wish to kiss anyone whom she is not married to and believes this is a standard God wants her to uphold.  Peters was introduced at the audition by a random stranger to Wendi Foy, and this was because the stranger was touched by the values she portrayed at the audition. Foy helped her make a three-song demo to market to record labels in Nashville.  This later opened doors for Peters to record for Reunion Records.

"Brave" is preceded by the single "You Carry Me," which was inspired by the poem "Footprints in the Sand."  The single is currently blazing up the chart and it is available for purchase at iTunes.

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