Cana’s Voice “Don’t Wanna Miss This” Album Review

cana's voice

Prime Cuts:  Again and Again,  I Stand Redeemed, Center of It All

Overall Grade: 3/5

You don't wanna miss any album by Cana's Voice.  Every album they released is a revelation of both beauty and diversity.  There's a stunning beauty when TaRanda Greene, Jody McBrayer and Doug Anderson sing.  Not only are they able to wow the most lethargic listener with those sky-scraping high and those challenging elongated notes,  they are also able to convict the most resilient hearts with their softer whispers.  Simply put, when this trio sings, they command attention and they incur transformations.  Such an evaluation is by no means idiosyncratic, evidenced by the fact that the famed Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir has often invited the trio, particularly Greene, to sing with them.  

Moreover, the albums are also known for having songs  that bend genres and extend boundaries.  In these two regards, "Don't Wanna Miss This" doesn't disappoint.  Not only are the threesome in sublime vocal form, but these songs encompasses traditional Gospel, CCM, worship music and Southern Gospel. If "Don't Wanna Miss This" is gorgeous in terms of their vocal department and their song coverage. why isn't this a 5/5 review?  The discount comes in terms of the song selection.  Though producers Wayne Haun, Jim Hammerly and Jerard Woods try to imbue drama into a remake of Avalon's "Orphans of God" and granted Greene sings with the utmost conviction, the song meanders far too much that it doesn't contain a punching touchdown.  

Kudos to the producers for giving the title cut "You Don't Wanna Miss This" a sizzling cinematic build-up, but the problem lies in the song.  The song blanches with an uninspiring melody.  Over the course of Michael English's career, he has had cut some signature tunes, but "There is Love" isn't one of them.  There is a generic blandness to the both the lyrics and the chorus that just doesn't scream: "I need a 2019 cover!"  Things don't really pick up until 6 tracks in.  "Again and Again" is one of album's better songs. Boasting a catchier melody, "Again and Again" is a worship number calling upon God to work in our lives again.  Fred Hammond's  "We Are blessed," with its tropical drum roll, is enjoyable.  While the piano-led Diane Warren-esque "I Stand Redeemed" and the harmony-stacked meditative "Centre of It All" are the album's finer moments. 

The languid "What Are You Waiting for" has a late-night jazzy feel which is not a bad invitation hymn for us to welcome Jesus into our lives.  While most artists tend to showcase their lead single at the album's front end, Cana's Voice has submerged theirs at the end.  While first singles are often the album's strongest offerings, "At Midnight" is a so-so ballad that again doesn't have a focused and distinguished hook.

As a huge fan of Cana's Voice and also as an aficionado of each of the individual artist, "Don't Wanna Miss This" is a tad disappointing.  But not all is lost; the album still does has its share of ace-sounding material, particularly the aforementioned prime cuts.  And when it comes to top-tiered singing, Cana's Voice is still peerless.



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