Marilyn Baker Celebrates 40 Years of Music Ministry with New Album

Marilyn Baker

Singer/songwriter Marilyn Baker celebrates 40 years of music and ministry by releasing a new fifteen track album. 'Joy of My Heart' is Marilyn's 21st album.

Marilyn's distinctive voice and heart for people has made her greatly loved through the work and ministry of MBM (Marilyn Baker Ministries) which sees Marilyn on a busy schedule of touring and performing throughout the UK.

Blind almost from birth, Marilyn began to write and sing her own songs in the late 1970's. She released a series of albums which aimed to draw people into God's healing presence. As invites started to come in, Marilyn gave up her job as a music teacher and started ministering full time, travelling extensively in Britain and many parts of the world. A familiar performer at Spring Harvest and other major Christian events, Marilyn quickly became Britain's top-selling female gospel singer.

"For 40 years Marilyn has been writing songs of beauty, simplicity and depth. Her directness cuts straight to the heart; while her faith and love for Christ has inspired me and thousands of others to a deeper and more honest walk with God. I thoroughly recommend this latest offering of songs to you." - STUART TOWNEND.


Joy of my heart
All that is mine
There is one who loves
Lord in all Your Gentleness
All my life
You are my light
Shepherd of my heart
Lord come and fill my heart
Mention of your name
Lord You are wonderful
Every sin washed away
Nothing more important
Looking for hearts
Jesus in our lives
You are alpha and omega


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