Darlene Zschech Encourages Us to Invite the Lonely & the Poor to Our Tables This Christmas

Darlene Zschech

Australian worship leader Darlene Zschech took time out to wish fans and fellow Christians a merry Christmas on Instagram.  In her Christmas wishes, the former Hillsong worship pastor reminds us to invite the lonely and the poor to our Christmas tables to share a meal and fellowship with us. 

Zschech writes: "Merry Christmas Eve lovely people... I am very aware that not everyone has a table of friends and family to be seated at over these next couple of days. My prayer is that we would we awake to the ones who are lonely or in the shadows... that our kindness would bring them into the light of belonging. Love to you all.. we have so much to be thankful for."

Zschech also sings about this issue in her most recent Christmas song "The Table." "The concept of the table is very alive in me and I think it's alive in others across the earth because people are so hungry to belong," explains Zschech. "Throughout the Gospels, Jesus was always stopping for 'the one,' scooping people up along the way and saying, 'there's a place for you here'."

"So let's fling wide the doors of our churches and homes," she adds. "Whether that means inviting people who don't have family, students who are away from home, the stranger, the refugee... we have to get used to the harvest looking different and being different from what we might have imagined because as the song 'The Table,' says, 'Jesus eats with everyone'."

For Zschech, The Table is not only an invitation to join in worship of the Savior and a call to welcome others, it is a celebration of the home she and Mark have found at HopeUC, which now includes nine church campuses spread across Australia, India and the U.S. Zschech not only co-pastors HopeUC with Mark, she also mentors young leaders around the globe, including HopeUC worship team members who appear on the album. All of this adds up to a full plate for this mother and grandmother who, three years after being diagnosed cancer-free, has also penned a book, "The Golden Thread," about the goodness of God in every season of life.

Zschech is an Australian worship leader, pastor, songwriter, speaker and author who has led millions of Christians in worship. Darlene has written over 100 songs, including "Victor's Crown," "In Jesus' Name," "Worthy Is The Lamb," "At The Cross" and the global anthem "Shout To The Lord," which is sung by an estimated 30 million churchgoers every week. Her most current albums are Revealing JesusHere I Am Send Me and The Table: A Christmas Worship Gathering while her books include "Worship Changes Everything," "Extravagant Worship," "The Art of Mentoring" and "The Golden Thread." Following a treasured season of involvement with the worship team at Sydney's Hillsong Church, Darlene and her husband, Mark, now serve as Senior Pastors for Hope Unlimited Church (HopeUC) on the Central Coast of New South Wales. Darlene is passionate about family, marriage, motherhood and ministry. For more information, visit  




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