Aaron Ray Releases New Album "Lazarus"

aaron ray

Singer and songwriter Aaron Ray has released his album Lazarus. The album is preceded by the single and video "Daylight" which features Zahna.  

This is what Aaron Ray's team has to say about the new video: "This video took us 18 hours to shoot, 10 hours of travel time (between Aaron's family and mine), and another 12 hours to edit. Do the math. Not to mention all the time given by the other people who helped out. There's a lot of visual symbolism in this video.

The buried character in the beginning symbolizes us trapped in our sins. For some of us we want to come out of those sins / old life and we are seeking answers. You see the character finds a church on his journey, only to be met with the same coffin. He goes back in the coffin to symbolize us killing ourselves and coming out the water as our new life in CHRIST and hence a new day comes.

Figure I'd share some of the background in this video. We met some awesome people and built relationships in the process of making this video.

Thanks to Aaron Ray and his family, Josue JR Reyes and his family, Zahna and her friends who came to help, Fred Mendez and his church, Pastor Marco Luna and The Gathering Church for their help in bringing this visual to pass. Thanks for your time and creative input. We are super happy with the results. We hope it reaches someone!!!"

Aaron Ray has been featured on JUCE Network television which really help launch his career after his debut on JCTV Aaron release a music video for his single "Holy" which is a song of hope even in the hardest times. "Holy" is a song that Aaron wrote to his dad who had cancer.. since the release of the track Aaron's dad has passed to heaven and is now no longer suffering. 


1. Daylight (feat. Zahna)
2. Rise (feat. TJ Harris of Decyfer Down)
3. Who You Are
4. Where I'm Coming From
5. Restore Me (feat. RayShone Anderson)
6. The Moment (feat. Scribe Music)
7. Wish I Was Dreaming (feat. Corey Paul)
8. Spiraling Down
9. Problems (feat. Xay Hill)
10. Alive 

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