10 Best Worship Songs of 2019

10 Best Worship Songs

2019 has not been short of great worship songs.  In narrowing down our favorites, we cherrypicked songs that are (1). God-centered; where God is the subject and object of praise; (2). Songs that are theological precise and doctrinally orthodox; (3). Songs that are congregational directed, where there are singable melodies; (4). Songs that speak to us in contemporary and engaging ways. So, here's our list (click on the song titles to listen them):

10. Bethel Music "Goodness of God"

Many songs speak about God's goodness.  But this Jenn Johnson-led and co-written ballad wants us to live in God's goodness.  This is what makes this song a must-sing.  We shouldn't just be spectators of God's goodness. Rather, we need to step into it, live it and soak up the joy of living in His goodness. 

9. Darlene Zschech "Forever My King"

Darlene Zschech surprises fans by dropping a stand alone single "Forever My King."  Though the lyrics don't canvas new ground but the way this former Hillsong matriarch sings can bring you right to the feet of Jesus.  And the bridge of the song: "Holy, holy, holy are You, God/Holy, holy, holy are You, God/The whole earth is filled with Your glory, Jesus/The whole earth is filled with Your glory, Jesus" is simply worship at its best.

8. Citizen Way "Be Still"

In times of anxiety, it's hard to be still and let God be God.  This song helps; a moving worship ballad performed with doses of heartfelt emotions, "Be Still" encourages us to rest in the Lord in times when "the world around us is crumbling and the chaos grows." 

7. Hillsong Worship "King of Kings" 

Already making into the constant repertoire of many worship teams is the Brooke Ligertwood, Scott Ligertwood and Jason ingram co-written single "King of Kings."  Slamming naysayers who often criticise Hillsong for a dearth of theological depth, "King of Kings" flourishes with a careful re-telling of the Gospel narrative climaxing in a trumpet outburst: "Now this gospel truth of old/Shall not kneel shall not faint."  

6. Mozaiek Worship "Jesus Victorious"

We can never run out of robust anthems that squarely and gloriously proclaim the victory of Jesus.  "Jesus Victorious,"  from Netherlands' Mozaiek Worship, is one of those indispensable faith-building songs.  Every church needs those powerful shout-outs songs to Jesus and this one is just so good.

5. Danny O'Callaghan "Tethered to the Cross"

This hymn-like ballad "Tethered to the Cross" is packed with rich theological brilliance ("Should wanderlust entice me/His compass true will guide me") undergirding a superior melodic tune. "Tethered to the Cross" has "classic" written all over it.  Calling to mind the hymns of Watts and Wesley, "Tethered to the Cross" has a ring of longevity to it.  This is the type of song that churches will be singing a hundred years from today. 

4. Leeland "The Sending" 

"The Sending," which Leeland wrote with Passion's Kristian Stanfill, Brett Yonker and Jess Cates, has a ear worm chorus that has a way of ringing in our ears long after the song's ended.  More importantly, this song invites the Holy Spirit to move in our hearts.  In this regard, this is more than a song; it's our life goal framed in such an engaging way.

3. Laura Story "I Give Up"

Just as Laura Story's "Blessings" gives a fresh Biblical twist back to often hijacked word "blessings," "I Give Up" does it to the word "faith."  Faith, according to Story, is to surrender to God.  And it's in surrendering we begin "to know the fullness of my Father's heart."  The song not only is a theological trove but it has a way of getting right into our hearts in moving ways; this is indeed a song that bears repeated reminders.

2. New Wine Worship "Until You Do"

Waiting on God is both sweet as well as agonizing.  This song captures this tension beautifully.  A song about trusting God even when there are no answers, this song drips with so much faith that it is contagious.  If you are in your season of waiting, sing this song again and again and you will feel your faith growing.

1. Hillsong Worship "Awake My Soul"

While many worship songs are emotive expressions of an empty mind, this is not so with "Awake My Soul."  This Brooke Ligertwood-penned ballad situates us into the temple of God in Isaiah 6 as we witnessed afresh what worship is really like.  The vivid use of the Isaiah's language makes this song extra rich: It's the sound of the Saviour's robe/As He walks into the room where people pray/Where we hear praises He hears faith. 



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