Meredith Andrews Delivers Her Second Baby Remington On Bathroom Floor Of Her House

Meredith Andrews
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Christian contemporary singer Meredith Andrews delivered her second son just last Sunday, February 17, 2013, at 9: 37pm. Meredith and her husband Jacob Sooter named the baby Remington Ezra Sooter. He weighed in at 8 lbs, 3 oz and measured 20.67 inches.

The way how Remington, called "Remy," was born is certainly interesting as he was born in Meredith Andrew’s house on the bathroom floor!

Andrews' husband tweeted, “I just delivered my son, on the floor of our bathroom... Remington Ezra Sooter born in a blaze of glory... Mom and baby are perfect. :)”

Later on he added, “In responses to everyone's questions... 1.) No it was surely not planned that way and 2.) We are so abundantly happy and healthy...”

Meredith tweeted the day after Remy was born that his home birth was unintentional but miraculous. “For anyone who missed it, @jacobsooter delivered our son in our bathroom last night. Unintentional but miraculous home birth.”

Andrews and Sooter are now parents to two sons, Maverick and Remington.

Andrews explained how the name for Remington was chosen in a recent interview with, saying, “Our first son's name is Maverick and with a name like that, you can't exactly go with a Jeff or Bob. So we're going to name him Remington and call him Remy.”

Just last month Meredith Andrews released her new album titled Worth It All, which contains 11 tracks including the successful single “Not For A Moment (After All).”

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