Darnell Moore Releases "Hosanna" EP

Darnell Moore

Rising singer and songwriter Darnell Moore is making his imprint on Gospel music.  He is a young astute musician who has an easy-going spirit and worships with an authentic heart.  Over the years, Darnell has toured internationally in a supporting role to other artists as a musician, music director, or vocal director.  He recently returned from his first solo international tour of Italy in December to pre-promote his HOSANNA EP.  HOSANNA is now available on all digital music and streaming outlets and marks the singer's first album/EP release.

"This is a new step for my music career," Darnell shares.  "This is the first time I have placed a body of work on digital platforms for distribution.  Also, this EP is being released on my 35th birthday. Even though birthdays are a time to receive love and appreciation, I decided to share with the world, music from my heart, hoping that the messages of praise and hope will help at least one person."The first single from Moore's new EP is the title track "Hosanna".  Fans can watch a live performance of "Hosanna" on YouTube.

Like the word Hallelujah, Hosanna is a common word we use in music and church.  The difference is Hallelujah is a shout of praise, whereas, Hosanna is a cry of praise," Darnell explains.  "Over the past two years, crying has become a part of my new normal, mainly because of the birth of my first son, who is now a part of the 'terrific two-year-old crew'.  I have learned that shouting happens through excitement, but a cry comes from pain or pressure.  In spite of some of the unpleasantries of life's lessons, I decided to stay committed to my assignment as a worshiper and to write songs of praise during seasons of pain."

HOSANNA is a 5-song EP produced by Moore, Chris Leach, FIO, Darryl Woodson, and Carlton Hicks.  Gospel's leading man Earnest Pugh is featured on the worship ballad "Thank You" which is produced by Leach.  Moore crafted a super-groove track called "Everything To Me" with producer Woodson.  HOSANNA also features vocalist James Murphy on "Hallelujah" produced by Hicks.   

HOSANNA Track List:
1.  All Praise My Praise
2.  Hosanna
3.  Hallelujah featuring James Murphy 
4.  Thank You featuring Earnest Pugh
5.  Everything To Me

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