Actor and Producer Ricky Kim Talks About the New Faith-Based Movie HEAVENQUEST

Ricky Kim

Ricky Kim is an award-winning actor, entertainer and producer from South Korea. Since starting his career in South Korea in 2006 as an actor, Ricky has been involved in acting and the production of dramas and TV shows on almost every major network in South Korea. Kim's international fame is also directly connected to his social media influence over the past few years, where Ricky has over 200,000 followers on Instagram alone, and close to half a million followers across all social media platforms.

Recently, Kim executively produced and acted in the faith-based movie HEAVENQUEST.  This movie is a new, reimagined fantasy universe inspired by the world and characters of John Bunyan's timeless masterpiece The Pilgrim's Progress but modernized and adapted for today. This film is an imagined prequel to Bunyan's original text, exploring the origins of the character The Evangelist (renamed Vangel in this world) and how he came to be a wise sage, and it sets the stage for the journey shared in Bunyan's beloved allegory, but recasting the events against an expansive new world ravaged by a war between good and evil.

Bunyan wrote The Pilgrim's Progress in 1678 while he was in prison for holding religious services. Considered the first novel ever written in English, the book has never been out of print, it has been translated into more than 200 languages, and is considered the second most-read book after the Bible.

HEAVENQUEST is currently out on DVD, VOD, and digital platforms.  This is a small independent film, but it has beaten the odds, being named one of the Top 12 Christian films of 2019 by

Q: Ricky, thanks for doing this interview with us. Tell us a little about yourself and some of the movies you have been involved with.

I have been working in the movie and entertainment industry for over 15 years now. There isn't a media project I haven't been involved in; movies, tv shows, dramas, online shows, game shows...ect. It all started when I was visiting Korea to spend time with my grandmother and to work at an thing you heart is pulled into the art of acting and my life changed.

Q: What first interested you in the movie HEAVENQUEST?

HQ was interesting because of the opportunity to film a faith based film that didn't have the normal industry standard "faith elements." The script had so much potential and was very intriguing. I saw a project, emphasis on PROJECT, and I wanted to be a part of the journey. I was a part of the film not only by acting...but also in producing. I knew the film would work and I wanted to do everything I could to make it happen.

Q: What was your role in this movie?

I was an Executive Producer, actor, and as in all low budget films...a runner! I went here and there, getting things we needed, when we needed them.

Q: What did you enjoy most in the making of this movie?

I enjoyed the people so much. To see the movie grow into what it became, and to see the group come together was the best part. The second best part was to see the script grow into what it is now...the open ended script was a first for me and the talented actors/actresses were amazing.

Q: Since this is a faith-based movie, can you tell us a little about your own faith?

I follow Jesus and live for Him. Acting is a craft, or, we can say talent. I do my best to use all my talents to share the beautiful story of Christ.

Q: How did HEAVENQUEST deepen your faith or helped you in your own faith journey?

When asked "what is the hardest part of work?" people always say it's the people. For this movie, like many others, being with people is the best and most challenging part. Having faith and relying on God helped us in many areas and brought us close together before, during and after being on set.

Q: Why do you feel like the story of Pilgrim's Progress is still relevant, 430 years after it was written?

It's a story of a lost person, trying to find something. I think this is a story that can be told in any generation and to any person.

Q: What's next for you?

Right now I'm focusing on building relationships with those around me in family and work, as well as creating relevant stories with lasting content.  

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