The Joyaires Release "A New Beginning"


Husband and wife Ernie and Debbie Peters are the Joyaires, from Harriman, Tennessee. While the group has changed over the years since it was organized in 1979, their message has remained consistent throughout. On their newest album, A New Beginning, they make a joyous sound, because as their motto, drawn from Nehemiah 8:10, says, "For the joy of the Lord is your strength."

A New Beginning provides solid listening on fourteen songs. The Joyaires' previous release from this album, "He's Coming Again," did well on the radio, and the CD also includes their newest single, "Old Fashioned Way." Of the latter, the Joyaires say, "It was written by our good friend, Pastor Leonard Fletcher, writer of the Inspirations song, 'I'm Not Ashamed' and many others. It is just a straight ahead Gospel song with a bit of hard truth thrown in."

The Joyaires are a full-time Southern Gospel group, ministering at around 150 dates each year. Their music can be heard at camp meetings, church jubilees, concerts, conventions, and anywhere else where the doors are opened to them. Join the Joyaires on their latest recording, A New Beginning.


  1. He's Coming Again
  2. He Has
  3. We Shall See Jesus
  4. I Made It By Grace
  5. Consolation On Your Knees
  6. Beyond The Manger
  7. Blessed Be the Name Of The Lord
  8. I Think I'll Just Go With God
  9. His Cross
  10. Someday
  11. New Grace
  12. Unspeakable Joy
  13. Old Fashioned Way
  14. Home Sweet Home



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