Ashley BA Music Shares Her Faith-Journey of How God Led Her to Sing for Him

Ashley BA Music

Ashley BA Music is a UK based Christian singer and song-writer. Growing-up, Ashley was heavily influenced by her mother's love for singing and music. Ashley first began singing in her local church youth choir from the age of 14, where she went on to lead worship at her local church while at university. On the hunt to take her voice beyond the four walls of the church, Ashley found herself singing in various bands including MOBO nominated "Desire to Worship God (DTWG)" and Manchester-based "Simply Vessels".

After moving to Bristol to begin her career as a research scientist, Ashley found herself at a turning point in her life. The recent passing away of her mother, coupled with the strangeness of adjusting to a new city inspired Ashley to literally put pen to paper and express herself in the form of song writing. Feeling led to share her creative flow, Ashley made the leap to break out as a solo artist, emerging onto the UK Gospel scene in 2018 with her debut single "Still God."

Q: Thank you so much Ashley for doing this interview with us. Is Ashley BA Music your real name? What does BA Music stand for?

A: Thanks very much for the opportunity!  Funny you should ask as it's been interesting to hear what people think the "BA" stands for. The best I've heard is a bachelors degree in music!  But it's just an abbreviation of my full name,  Ashley Budu-Aggrey. 

Q: How did you first feel God's call into the music ministry?

A: Growing up in an environment where christian music and singing was always around me, this almost came naturally. I would say I felt lead to minister in music from a very young age. I started out in my church youth choir, and progressed to leading worship in church as well as singing in different groups until I felt it was the right season to put out my own music. But I think deep down the desire has always been there.

Q: You were also part of Gospel band such as Simply Vessels and Desire to Worship God (DTWG). Tell us about this season of your journey and why you decide to leave both groups?

A: That's right. Those were both great seasons where I learnt a lot about the delivery of music to an audiences, as well as the chemistry of singing with other vocalists. I moved on from both groups due to location! DTWG was based in London, which I left when I moved to Manchester for further studies. I moved on from Simply Vessels when I moved to Bristol due to getting a job after my degree. But I had a great time singing with both groups!

Q:  Later, you worked as a research scientist before returning back as a solo artist.  Are you still working as a scientist? And why did you decide to return to the music ministry?

A: Yes, so my job resulted in my move from Manchester to Bristol. I do still work full time as well as doing music. It can be challenging to manage both, as both roles can be demanding, but God has been faithful. He's kept me going this far!

Q:  How would you describe your music?

A: I think I'm a mix of gospel, RnB and pop, I don't really fit into one category and definitely have influences from different genres. The underlying message still remains one of hope and faith in Christ. 

Q:  Tell us about your new single "Just Another Day."

A: This was written during my first year in Bristol. I was still finding my feet in a new city and was quite frustrated. However I challenged myself to count my blessings and look at what God had done in my life. I had a new job, a roof over my head and the gift of a new day. I wanted to encourage listeners through this song that even during life toughest moments we still have something to be thankful for. Even if it's jut the fact that we have breath in our lungs, that still a whole lot compared to someone in the grave.

Q:  Give us a sneak peek of the music you are currently working on and what's to come.

A: I'm excited to release some more music in collaboration with Home Grown worship. The first of those will be released in a few weeks.

Q:  How have all these experiences shaped your understanding of God and music?

A: I've come to an understanding that God can speak, heal and move through music, whether its through the lyrics or the melody. Music is definitely a powerful tool that we can use to minister not only to the masses, but also to ourselves. There have been countless times where my own lyrics have encouraged me. It's an amazing tool He's given us.

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