ICF Worship Releases 'Giants Fall' in 7 Languages

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Swiss church movement and powerful sound-crafters ICF Worship just released Giants Fall, a single that mixes multilingual and pluricultural influences coming together under one Truth: the greatness of Jesus. This bold and challenging project, co-written by Sydney Mohede from Indonesia, beautifully reminds us of the nature of God being inclusive, colourful and expressed in the whole of society, regardless of geography. 
Giants Fall is the anchor song for the #Jesus campaign 2020. As a church, ICF started the #Jesus campaign across the whole movement worldwide. Recognising that we are on a journey to get to know God better and believing that Jesus is the key through Whom one finds their salvation, destiny and eternal peace, the campaign is an invitation to a voyage of discovery to a man who said about Himself: "I have come to give life - life in abundance" (John 10:10). In addition to the English version, it's the first time in the history of the ICF movement that a campaign song is released in 6 other languages! (Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Swiss German and Dutch)
The single came about during a period of great difficulty for the worship team and movement. It is a solid statement of faith that God is the rock on which we stand securely. Giants Fall drives home that God's strength is a promise when weakness meets us. He is faithful to never let go.
 We believe You are
Who You say You are
No one greater than our God
Let the giants fall
As You fight for us
No one stronger than our God

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