Colbie Caillat New EP 2014 and Music Video Released for Hit Single "Try", Hear Who Inspired Her to Write The Song (VIDEO)

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Colbie Caillat New EP 2014 and Music Video Released for Hit Single "Try", Hear Who Inspired Her to Write The Song (VIDEO)

The popular singer/songwriter Colbie Caillat has released her latest music video for her inspiring new song "Try". You can check out the video above. The song is promoting women being confident in their own skin and is a wonderful song for especially young women to hear. With all of the junk on the radio these days, lyrically, it is a very refreshing song.

"Try" is on Caillat's new EP, Gypsy Heart Side A, which is available now. You can buy it on iTunes HERE.

"Stay true to yourself. You don't have to try," Colbie Caillat shares that co-writer Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds told her that in the studio. Colbie remembered that phrase and helped get this song started. "It was such an amazing thing to hear from him of all people," she said in an interview on NBC's TODAY Show. "I thought it was a great point, and I started singing the chorus with the words, 'You don't have to try.' I told him how exhausting it is for women. There's so much we have to do in order to make ourselves beautiful so we feel accepted in the public eye. This is an anthem for women to accept who they are and be comfortable showing it and not hiding it." 

Grammy Award-winning artist spoke with Elle about her powerful new music video about unfair beauty ideals by shunning hair and make-up. She shares the inspiration behind the song and the man who challenged her to write it. 

How did the idea for your brand new single and video, "Try," come about?

"I went into the recording studio with Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds and I told him that I was getting a lot of pressure to be someone I'm not, both musically and image-wise. Although I don't want to do it, I'm just going to make these people happy. He started laughing, and said, we're not going to do that. That's not you, and that's ridiculous of them to ask. That right there gave me the creative freedom. He said, "Let's write about exactly what they're asking you to do-to change yourself." We started checking off all these things that all of us girls do everyday to get ready to go out. I told him that before coming to the studio I wanted to look pretty so I had my nails done, I made sure I had the best outfit on, I had my hair and makeup artist come over and make me look all polished. And the thing is that I like myself when I'm not that way, but I feel like other people might not like me that way. And I know that most women go through that. When you have blemishes on your skin, gain weight, or my friend has crooked teeth, or my mom's roots are going gray. And everyone is trying to hide their faults from each other when we all have it. So Babyface inspired me to write this and it's all from a personal experience."

What is the hardest part about being a female in today's society?

"Trying to live up to other people's expectations. When we do get dolled up, we get more compliments. It's just what happens. When you have a cute outfit on and your makeup looks amazing, the first thing people comment on is your image. When you don't wear makeup, you hear things like, "Oh wow, you look tired or you're so brave for not wearing makeup!"

Read Colbie's full interview with Elle HERE




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