Tina Boonstra Drops New Single "What's the Rush?" Today!

Tina Boonstra

Tina Boonstra has released her new single "What is the Rush?" the follow-up to her highly successful lead single "Out of My Depth." In this song everything slows to a crawl as the listener is drawn in by achingly soft vocals and a grinding organ. The song finds its release in sweeping vocals and baritone guitars underpinned by the steady pulse of percussioninviting the listener to drop everything and just slow down.

Boonstra explains: "There's a book I really love called Here I Am by Jonathan Safran Foer. It tells the story of a family that's slowly fragmenting and falling apart. In the opening chapters Foer describes the family as having a penchant for collecting things that have an appearance of being bigger on the inside than they are on the outside. Like shells. You can hold them in your hand, but if you put them to your ear it's like the whole ocean is roaring inside of it.

As the story continues you see that they've been so focused on their outer lives, the public facing parts of who they are, work, achievements, appearances, connections, that their inner lives have started to shrink. They loose sight of who they are and what really matters to them.It's a picture that has really stuck with me, and I can't help circling back to it. For me, the first step to looking after the inner parts of who we are is to slow down, and for me, that's what this song invites me to do."

As a songwriter in a missionary family, Tina Boonstra expected her songs to find their home in the church halls she grew up in. But it wasn't until she began performing on the London open mic circuit that she cut her teeth as a performer and honed her craft into a treasure trove of songs with a depth and emotional intensity reminiscent of PJ Harvey, Wolf Alice and John Mark McMillan.Featured on Spotify's New Music Friday and Mellow Pop playlists, BBC Introducing London, Hoxton Radio and Sounds Magazine, her last EP is described as 'a collection of moving, honest, brave songs that will school its listeners in empathy and introspection.' (Get In Her Ears)


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