Check Out Jodi Essex's Introspective New Ballad "Symphony"

Jodi Essex

Christian-rock artist Jodi Essex has been releasing a string of singles this year in the run up to the arrival of her new album 'Irreverent' in June 2020, a 10-song record that is both guitar-driven and melodic with lyrics that are forthright, yet introspective. The latest of those tracks is 'Symphony', accompanied by a brand new music video (see below), which follows the recent release of 'Stand Up' plus title track 'Irreverent'.

'Symphony' is a beautiful and introspective ballad, with beckoning lyrics, and a peaceful orchestral arrangement. The music ebbs and flows throughout, winding up into soaring stringed instruments through to the end. It's a storytelling experience mixed with autobiographical elements, scriptural references, and beautiful, fantasy-like visuals. The title is figurative and metaphorical. 'Symphony' alludes to perfection and beauty in sound, sight, color, experience, time space, and love - God's love.

"My hope for people when they hear Symphony, is that the peacefulness and enveloping nature of it truly allows them to 'hear' the beautiful and everlasting message of unconditional love woven throughout. I want people to feel at peace with their past, grateful for their present, and hopeful for their future.

We all sometimes forget just how miraculous our lives are given to us by God! It's the ability to see things through fresh eyes, not a biased conditioning over time; looking upon something or someone for the first, awe-inspiring time. There are discoveries being made! Babies being born! Accomplishments to celebrate! The first blossoms of Spring! People coming to Christ on fire for the first time! It sings out of renewal, of God's spirit washing us white as snow. I want this song to bring a focused centering of love to people - first to Jesus as their highest; then to themselves and to all their relationship with others. We all need reminding of how to live and love in a Christ-like manner. This song is a prompting to discover and re-discover the beauty in all the questions and answers... for as long as it takes."

Although Jodi has been a Christian her entire life, 'Irreverent' highlights something she has experienced for years; through her work in entertainment, which included television, film and the pursuit of a more-secular music career, Jodi has felt like her heart and purpose weren't always in the right place. As doors have opened and closed, Jodi's music journey has been marked by moments she's felt God saying, "It doesn't matter; trust me and my plan for your life." 

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