Producer Angela White Talks About the New Faith-Based Movie "A Question of Faith"

Angela White

Lifetime presents Kim Fields in the emotional film A Question of Faith, alongside faith-based personalities T.C. Stallings and Jaci Velasquez. The film debuts April 12 at 8pm ET/PT with repeat airings throughout April and May. 

The film revolves around the story of a teenage girl when she hits a twelve-year-old boy with her car while texting, the tragedy inevitably links three families together. In the wake of the tragedy, their destiny forces them on a converging path to discover God's love, grace and mercy as the challenges of their fate could also resurrect their beliefs.

We are honored to be able to catch up with the film's producer Angela White of Silver Lining Entertainment for this exclusive interview. For White, making movies is not about the lights and cameras. It's about the legacy she will leave to her heirs and those who will come behind her in the entertainment industry. Featured on Fox News, Sirius XM Radio, TBN, and ABC News, to name a few, Angela has served as a trailblazer and mentor for thousands in the media and entertainment world-positioning them to better understand show business and, ultimately, earn more income.

Q: Angela, thanks for doing this interview with us. Let's start with yourself: what are some of the movies you have produced?

Hello, thank you for having me and taking out the time to share my story. I have been producing films for over twelve years, and some of the films are, "A Question of Faith," of course, "The Sin Seer," "My Favorite Five," "Who Can I Run To," "The Last Letter,' "My Sister's Wedding," "C'mon Man," and #WhereIsBeauty.

Q: Why did you choose to produce a faith-based film?

The first faith-based film I previously produced was "Who Can I Run To," in 2013, and three years later, it was recommended that a complete audience was being underserved, which was the Christian audience. At that point after consultation, the team decided to enter the world of faith-based films again, but this time on a more significant level, since the first one was a TV movie.

Q: What first attracted you to the script of "A Question of Faith"?

I loved the complexity of the story, that the film was depicting true stories of various families, who were experiencing trials and tribulations, and was questioning their faith in God. A lot of times, it's hard to reach a specific audience when the stories are not relatable, so "A Question of Faith," really spoke to me, as I knew issues of texting and driving, racial reconciliation and the power of forgiveness, would resonate with others.

Q: Who are some of the actors and actresses in this movie?

We have an excellent cast, led by Richard T. Jones, Kim Fields," Renee O'Connor, C. Thomas Howell, Jaci Velasquez, T.C.Stallings, Donna Biscoe, and Greg Alan Williams. We have newcomers, songstress, Amber Nelon Thompson, and Karen Valero.

Q: What were some of the highlights in making this film?

While making the film, I enjoyed prepping the music. We recorded the music months before shooting, as we had a few live scenes with a band, orchestra, and original music. One of the most powerful scenes in the movie is when Amber Nelon Thompson sings, "Thank you, Lord." A compelling moment in the film with the entire cast.

Another highlight is working with the actors and watching seasons professionals, such as C. Thomas Howell, Renee O'Connor, and Kim Fields, who have been acting in the business for over 40 years, make magic. Working with Richard T. Jones and Greg Alan Williams was, at times, watching a masterclass, and I felt blessed to have a front-row seat. Richard T. Jones played a Pastor, husband, father, and son so masterfully. I loved every minute of working with these actors as they told a hard but truthful story with God's love, and his omnipresence always felt on set.

Q: What are some take-home lessons we can gleaned from this movie, especially in this time of the coronavirus pandemic?

We must remember that God is in control. We do not control anything and that we must be patient and keep the country and our fellow neighbors in prayer. Further, this is not a time to question your faith but believe in Him. At this time, families are spending more time than ever together, marriages are being strengthed, children are bonding, and people are spending more time learning themselves. God has given us a time out, and we need to recognize this moment to believe in Him, as God always has a master plan.

Q: How has this movie ministered to you personally?

Oh, the movie had a profound effect on my life, from selecting future content to work on, in which I want to make sure I make a positive impact. The movie allowed me to learn how to have a closer relationship with God and to really trust Him. The film theme of forgiveness was powerful, as it allowed me to become more compassionate. Lastly, the film always reminds me to be thankful for every moment in life, and not to take family and friends for granted. At any moment, we can lose a loved one, so we must cherish each day. 


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