Cade Thompson Opens Up About His New Music, the COVID-19 Pandemic & God's Provision

Cade Thompson

When Cade Thompson stepped into the studio to record the song "Provider" - his debut Red Street Records single release - he had no clue just how powerful and timely the song would prove to be. 
Times were most definitely different then - no one had even heard of COVID-19/ Coronavirus, much less knew the impact it would have on our daily lives.
As the pandemic closed the economy and people were told to stay home, immediately and drastically changing everyday life, Cade's song had just been released and started to climb the radio charts. Almost immediately, listeners grasped hold of the lyrics to the song, reminding people to look to God, the ultimate provider for our lives. 

Q: Cade, thanks for doing this interview with us. Let's start with yourself: tell us a little about yourself.

 I am a 19-year-old Contemporary Christian Artist, currently living in Franklin, TN. I was born in Joplin, Missouri but moved to Sioux Falls, South Dakota when I was almost 9. In my middle school years, I really began to see my faith go from head knowledge to my heart when I began to truly walk out my relationship with Jesus.

At that time, God started to highlight my music and singing over my sports. God just kept opening doors and relationships for me and I simply began to grow in my heart for worship. I wrote my first song at 14 and was even able to lead worship at my church at that young age. I was so blessed to be able to start on a small tour at 16, and I started to see the impact of reaching people with the gospel through my music.

During my high school years, I balanced the typical public school demands where I was highly involved, church worship obligations, frequent trips to Nashville to write and record songs, festivals, and touring. One thing I enjoyed the most was being able to be involved with high school assemblies around the nation. I love to talk with people as they open up about their hurts, losses, and wins, and I am thankful that they have been impacted by my music. It is quite humbling that God has allowed me to play a small part in some people's faith journey. 

Q: How would you describe your style of music?

My style of music is heavily influenced by pop music. Since I was raised in the church, I found the power of Christian music at a young age. That being said I feel that my music is a combination of today's fresh pop sounds with Christian music lyrics! It is my desire that all my music points clearly to God and His truths that can be found in His word.  

Q: How did you get to work with Jay DeMarcus and the folks at Red Street Records?

I had been writing heavily for the past few years in Nashville, and there was one song in particular that my producer and I really believed in called, "Provider". One day Don Koch, who knows my producer, sent Jay DeMarcus the demo for the song. Jay and his friend, Jason Scheff were together in his car and he casually started playing "Provider." According to Jay, Jason said, "you gotta meet with this kid."

Once we took a meeting with the Red Street team, I immediately fell in love with the whole crew at Red Street Records. Their label principles and their hearts seemed to directly align with mine as an artist. They seem to really understand my heart for ministry inside my music.

Q: You have just released a new single "Provider." Tell us more about this song and how you feel like it relates to what we are going through with the Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic?

My single 'Provider' released a few weeks before the COVID-19 Pandemic started to hit in mid-March. As songwriters and artists, we try our best to write the songs on our hearts and we know that God handles the timing of their releases. God, being our Provider, is a truth in any area of our lives...not just in finances, careers, and other physical provisions, but also in key areas like relationships, community, parenting, health, healing, mental health, and simple daily struggles.

Now, every time I sing 'Provider' I feel it in a new way, as every day has had its' own new struggle or new joy in these times. I have actually had more time to really connect to people in a unique way on social media avenues as I have been going live online every night with a series I call "Providing Hope." It has been incredible to hear the stories of this song impacting so many lives during this season.

Q: Who are some of the songwriters and producers you are working with for your new album?

I am working with Bryan Fowler to produce many of the songs on my new album. Matt Armstrong is a writer/producer who has been involved with me since day one as I started coming to Nashville and he continues to work alongside me with a strong voice in all the music I am putting out. Of course, the other writers are many, but they have all been involved with me for all the years I have been on this journey here in Tennessee.  

Q: What can we expect from your new record?

I am so excited to launch my new record! The listeners can expect to hear a freshness in every song lyrically and sonically, with each song clearly portraying who I am and my experiences up to this point in my life. No matter what season of life someone may be walking through, the lyrics are bold and truthful but yet they directly focus on God being in the middle of it all. This record will keep the listener fully engaged as some are boldly anthems and others simply tug on the heart.

Q: How do you wish your music would impact the lives of your listeners?

I believe that music is powerful, and I also believe that the Gospel is powerful. Therefore if I can be a vessel to point people to JESUS in my music then I have done my job.

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