Cade Thompson Invites Fans to be Part of His New Video as He Shares About His New Album & Christmas

Cade Thompson

Red Street Records Contemporary Christian artist Cade Thompson is launching a contest for content creators to make the official music video for his current hit single "Every Step of the Way." The contest kicked off on October 20 and the winner will be announced in January 2021 alongside the music video premiere. 
Participants can sign up to enter the contest at and will find various resources and previously shot scenes directed by Calvin Aurand, to use at their disposal and use their creativity and programs to create a visually captivating music video. Each submission will be reviewed and the winner will be handpicked by the all star judges: Jay DeMarcus of multi-platinum selling & award-winning country trio Rascal Flatts and Founder of Red Street Records, industry veteran and creative producer of Fathom's Four Blood Moons Rick Eldridge, CEO / Producer of ReelWorks Studios, Calvin Aurand, (Director / Producer who has created content for Beyoncé, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, John Mayer, One Direction, Harry Styles) and of course, the artist himself, Cade Thompson. 

Q: Cade, thanks for doing this interview with us. You have a new single out. Tell us what is "Every Step of the Way" about? 

Answer: Thank you so much for chatting with me today! My new single, "Every Step of the Way" was birthed out of a season of transition in my life as I had just graduated from high school in 2019 and was getting ready to relocate to Nashville, TN. At that point in time, I did not have a record deal and I was truly trusting God in that next season filled with many unknowns. As I sat in the writing room and we were reflecting back on my life, I found that in every season God's faithfulness became so evident, even if it might have been hard to trust Him in the moment. My hope is that every person that hears this song will be encouraged to trust God with the next steps they take in their lives, as well as be able to see His hand in all that they have been through in the past. 

Q: Fans can help you make the video of the song. How can they be involved?

Answer:  I am so thankful for the support from my fans for my music. Our team wanted to create an opportunity to offer them a way to get involved in my music in a new and fresh way. I had people take a risk on me at a young age to give me a chance and this is a way for me to give back and let others showcase their creative abilities.

Participants can sign up to enter the contest at where they will find resources with previously recorded scenes directed by Calvin Aurand and then they can use their own creativity and programs to create a captivating music video telling the story of 'Every Step of The Way.' Additional rules and guidelines can be found at the contest website. Each entry will be reviewed and the winner will be chosen by several top-notch judges. We are all very excited for aspiring creatives to be able to get their work noticed! I have been blown away by the entries so far and I can't wait to see even more! Go create! 

Q: Who will be the judges for the videos?

Answer:  Our veteran team of judges are from some of the most elite areas of the music industry; they include Jay DeMarcus of multi-platinum selling & award-winning country trio Rascal Flatts and Founder of Red Street Records, creative producer and industry veteran Rick Eldridge who is the CEO/Producer of ReelWorks Studios, Calvin Aurand who is the creative director/producer of content for Beyonce, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, John Mayer, One Direction, and Harry Styles, and then myself.  

Q: You also have a new album coming out in 2021. What are you most excited about this new record?

Answer: This upcoming album is a deep dive into my heartbeat, the mission that God gave me, and my ministry. It is a true picture of all of me up to this point and I can't wait to help direct the listeners to the true hope that is found in Jesus. We all are so desperately in need of this truth confirmed in the lyrics in each song. Additionally, I feel that musically, each song brings a freshness that inspires the listeners to proclaim each anthem over their lives. 

Q: Who did you work with on this new record?

Answer:  I am so honored to work with many talented and amazing writers and producers on this project. Bryan Fowler produced the majority of the record along with Micah Kuiper and many others that contributed their talents. I am so grateful for this entire team as they worked tirelessly to reflect me and my artistry so well. 

Q: As we are approaching Christmas, how do you normally celebrate Christmas?

Answer:  To me, family makes Christmas that much sweeter. Typically, my whole family gathers in my childhood home to celebrate together. Christmas eve is always about chili for dinner, church, and of course ending the night trying to stay awake while watching the movie 'The Grinch.' We wake up to my favorite coffee cake, and of course coffee itself, and we open gifts right away. Christmas day is full of hangout time with family. This year is especially going to be fun because we get to share it with two new baby nephews. 

Q: What does Christmas mean to you?

Answer:  Christmas is more than just gifts, traditions, shopping, gatherings, food and Santa. It is truly about the hope that we can all find through Jesus. What a miracle it is that we get to come into this season with an exciting expectation knowing that the Baby King Jesus is THE hope for everyone for all eternity. This year of all the years past, has reminded me regularly that we are not able to save ourselves, that all of us need a savior and we need him now. My prayer for all listeners is that we can all focus on these truths and find encouragement not in things and people but in Jesus' unconditional love for us. 

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