'Friends' Star Lisa Kudrow Revives 'The Comeback' Season 2 on HBO Fall 2014 (VIDEO)

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'Friends' Star Lisa Kudrow Revives 'The Comeback' Season 2 on HBO Fall 2014 (VIDEO)

After a nine year hiatus, HBO is bringing back the series "The Comeback" starring Lisa Kudrow. "The Comeback" only ran for one season back in 2005, but executives said at the summer press tour of the Television Critics Association in Los Angeles that they never forgot the short-lived show.

The HBO original, documentary-style show starred Kudrow as actress Valerie Cherish who was attempting to stage a career comeback by allowing reality TV cameras to follow her as she was cast on a sitcom. "The Comeback" Season 2 will run for six episodes premiering in November. The new season again will show Valerie being followed by a behind-the-scenes crew.

"This is not about reality TV as much as it as a career and taking risks and somebody's need to be in the spotlight again," said co-creator Michael Patrick King. "There's a crack cocaine opening in which you get to see Valerie in a lot of different versions of where she's been."

Kudrow loved reprising the role. "There's one thing that's kind of still the same: who you are to yourself and what you're presenting to the world."

From HBO's standpoint, "it just felt like the right time for us and for these guys," said the EVP of programming Casey Bloys. "I think HBO is in a different place than it was nine years ago, and we had the room to bring it back. The future of the network doesn't depend on this show... Everybody was just ready."

Will there be more episodes of "The Comeback" after Season 2? Bloys shared, "Could it happen? I guess, but with their schedules, I have no idea, and we didn't build it as a series with locking everyone in," he demurred. "It's hard to say, but if it does fantastic and everybody loves it..."

Kudrow shared about the show gaining a new audience, "younger people already know about it and have already seen it. It's fully appreciated ... and they didn't see it nine years ago." You can watch "The Comeback" first season one  on HBO Go currently and they will re-air the first season prior to Season 2's premiere.

"We're just really grateful that we get to pick it up again," Kudrow admitted. "We just loved doing it so very much ... we were both so thrilled, overjoyed, Michael's already overworked, but he said 'we have to, because we can't not have this experience again.'"



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