Austin & Lindsey Adamec Release "You Keep Your Word"

Austin and Lindsey Adamec

Jacksonville, Florida-based husband and wife Austin & Lindsey Adamec share a passion for gathering people of all walks of life and creating a safe space for intimate worship. Partnering with Integrity Music, the Adamecs releases their latest song. You Keep Your Word is a beautiful melodic reminder that God has always had His children at the front of everything He does. His love never runs out, He continues to remind us of His promises, and He will never walk away from us. 

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About Austin & Lindsey Adamec: 

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, the Adamec's share a passion for gathering people from all walks of life and creating a safe space for intimate worship. After residing in Nashville, Tennessee for several years to pursue individual artist careers, they felt God calling them back to Florida to work together as worship pastors. They soon saw a new season of ministry expand beyond the church walls into maximum security prison campuses and public pavilions where there were many attempts to shut down their worship by religious protestors. It was in those moments they felt God showing them how there is no space He won't invade.

Opening their home for monthly gatherings and inviting people from across the community to worship together, the Adamec's shared, "We asked ourselves what if our cherished house hangs turned into a sanctuary for the presence of Jesus? What if church wasn't just on a Sunday but any moment someone walked through our front door?"

The gatherings have been a life source for many, growing beyond expectations, bringing a stronger sense of community, and a greater passion for the presence of God. In turn, this has sparked a new sound for the couple and will be heard on the new songs found on the forthcoming EP.



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