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In a finally-realized dream, worship leader, multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Austin Adamec and acclaimed vocalist, songwriter and former 1 Girl Nation member Lindsey Adamec have come together to record a self-titled EP from Radiate Music that celebrates the presence of God. The road to the new recording, set to release March 25, was fraught with challenges that refined the newly married couple's faith and strengthened their bond. Introduced through a microphone, and leading worship on stage together long before becoming a couple, followed by traveling separately supporting their own musical paths, the Adamecs have come to discover they are better together, in life and in music.

The worship songs featured on Austin & Lindsey Adamec are anthems telling the story of personal and spiritual victory. Every aspect of this EP, from lyrics to artwork to instrumentation and musicianship, has been intentionally and meticulously crafted. Even thealbum cover reflects the depth of the detail.

To create the cover, the Adamecs wrote all of the Scriptures and stories inspiring the songs, the prayers for those who will worship along, and the lyrics themselves on a 24 by 24 wooden plank. They then painted the plank white, added a logo and after some careful editing, the result is a message that artfully expresses all of the depth of the recording. Lindsey and Austin wanted every single thing to matter. It is not simple pictures, stories and songs; this music is an expression of life in the presence of God.

Opening up the EP is the radio single, "Walk on Waves," a song birthed from the couple's deep desperation to fight for their marriage as conflicting schedules threatened to win the battle. Austin describes the difficult season: "With endless nights away from each other on the road and a growing whisper in our hearts to root ourselves back in the local church, we were desperate for signs in Scripture that pointed to such a crazy blind faith to step out into the unknown. That's when the familiar passage of Peter walking on water came to us. In the midst of a massive storm on the Sea of Galilee, Jesus tells Peter to 'come' and walk out on the storm-battered waters."

As he studied the familiar passage of Peter walking on the waves, Austin was amazed to discover that when Jesus told Peter to "come," the wind and the waves did not die down until they were back in the boat. Lindsey and Austin understood that the Spirit of God was calling them to walk above the stormy circumstances and waves of doubt that held them captive, and in the calling, "Walk on Waves" emerged.

Like Peter, Lindsey, along with her husband, fixed their eyes on Jesus and stepped out into the waves so recently written about. After living out her dreams with successful pop band 1 Girl Nation, Lindsey stepped away from the band. And remarkably, "Walk On Waves" became the very gateway to a brand new vision for the couple. Although originally slated to be featured on a solo project Austin was working on with Grammy-nominated, two-time Dove Award-winning Producer of the Year, Ian Eskelin, all those plans would change after Lindsey added her vocals to the track. "The room literally felt like it lit up, and became electrified with excitement," shares Austin. It was clear that a solo artist was transforming into a duo, and that God had once again been faithful to their steps of obedience.

Though on the same label in the beginning of their marriage, Austin and Lindsey rarely saw each other as tours took the newlyweds in opposite directions. Austin describes these days as some of the darkest in his life. The song "It Is Finished" on the EP has become an Easter-like declaration that captures these struggles and paths that helped bring this couple to this point of collaborating on a project together. Hope came through hearing anew the last words of Jesus while on the cross.

"'It is finished' meant that the work of Christ put an end to the striving to earn God's favor. An end to the fears, worries and all the accolades and trophies we were trying to bring to God.  All of our works drown in His grace," says Austin.

A similar rejoicing in the sufficiency of the cross builds the theme in "Infinite Grace." Inspired by Max Lucado's book, In the Grip of Grace, which describes the infinite gap sin creates between us and God, the song showcases the beauty of the bridge of grace. The inspiring melody does not shy away from the details of the cross, engaging worshippers to join in the declaration.

While "Infinite Grace" and "It Is Finished" are declarations of faith, "Maker of Miracles" was initially born from a place of hope with the prayer, "God, I want you to be this maker of miracles in my life." Co-written with Eskelin and Krissy Nordhoff just four months before the release of the album, the couple later found out that Lindsey's aunt had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Then, three days after Thanksgiving, her dad explained that doctors had discovered a large spot on his left lung that resembled a large marble-sized tumor. Suddenly, the Adamecs had to believe the words they had written in a new way. "Maker of Miracles" transformed from a song of hope to a song of triumph.

Clinging to the promises God had provided through the words of their own song, and as they prayed for Lindsey's father, they learned to trust Psalm 77:14, a verse that had inspired "Maker of Miracles." Remarkably, news came that there was no longer a tumor. Where something once was, only scar tissue remained in the scans. While celebrating this news, the Adamecs are still praying for Lindsey's aunt with the very confidence described in the song. They began "Maker of Miracles" with a melody and a lyric that felt strong, but almost ahead of its time. What was once a line in the song that Austin questioned became his favorite: "God of impossibles / Healer of all we thought was lost..."

"We're just worship leaders from Jacksonville, Florida, who love to sing together, who are married, and who enjoy proclaiming all God is doing in our lives," sums up Lindsey.  "If we're going to write about His presence, we have to go there. You can't take people where you haven't been."

And the five songs, plus one bonus track on Austin & Lindsey Adamec, reveals that this couple has definitely spent time in His presence.



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