Jeremy Ellis Partners with Homegrown Worship for "Write It Upon My Heart"


Jeremy Ellis has released a brand new worship song with Homegrown Worship. 'Write It Upon My Heart' written by composers Rob Tromans and Andy Baker.  

Inspired by Psalm 119, songwriter Rob Tromans writes: "A psalm of David, one of the best known on the subject of writing God's word on our hearts. There are around 100 of them from the Old Testament through to the new, so we should be in no doubt of their importance. The devout Jews had God's word on their foreheads and wrists and some still do today, but God clearly wants us to go further than the outward appearance. To live out his truth, his love and his wisdom we need to have it within our very hearts and souls and as we seek to do his will the Holy Spirit will enable and bring it to mind in the circumstances and situations that we face day by day if we do hide his word in our hearts. 

The persecuted church knows this well. If you have had your Bible taken away, they can't take it from you if it's hidden deep in your heart. This is becoming more important as the secular world and media has virtually closed down the Gospel and governments pass laws against God's perfect law. Singing imprints powerful thoughts on the hearers and , most importantly, within hearts. It may become almost the only way to express the love and faithfulness of our God and Father and our Saviour Jesus as we seek strength in the trials and tribulations that are coming upon Christians and non-believers alike as our world becomes more and more man-centred.

May the powerful lyrics bless all who hear, just as they have blessed us as we have worked together to bring the message to life."

Born at just 26 weeks gestation, by God's sweet grace South African native Jeremy Ellis survived. There is no doubt that God had a plan to use this future singer/songwriter's life. Through the experience of growing up in 5 different countries, Jeremy realized that there is no better way to unite the hearts of people than through the language of music. Jeremy is passionate about publishing God's message of salvation and hope to all who will hear it.

Jeremy led worship for small Bible studies throughout his time studying music in college. After transferring to a small Christian college connected to his local church, one of his teachers became a dear mentor. At his wedding, Jeremy sang an original song to his bride, Lauren. His mentor who was officiating instantly knew that Jeremy was his future worship leader. A year later in 2009 Jeremy & Lauren joined a team of church planters in rural North Idaho. The church plant took off on the very first Sunday, and Jeremy was shocked to find that he was standing in front of a microphone holding his guitar, and looking out at a crowd of 200 people gathered to worship. It was a far cry from a college Bible study, and Jeremy's journey in growing as a worship leader was one of baptism by fire.
Answering this call to ministry led to so many God-given opportunities. Jeremy crossed paths with Daniel Ornellas, a member of the powerhouse worship trio, Tree63. Daniel Ornellas recognized Jeremy's passion and talent to serve the church as a songwriter and produced Jeremy's first EP, "Seen & Heard," in November 2012. Jeremy has continued to faithfully serve the local church as a worship pastor, and in 2017 after graduating from 10,000 Fathers Worship School he had the privilege of co-writing and recording a song called "Hunger and Thirst" with Aaron Keyes and the 10,000 Fathers community.

Jeremy's songs are born out of the overflow of pursuit after God, being hungry and thirsty for more of God and less of self. Jeremy desires that people truly see & hear Jesus through every song and lyric he ever records or publishes. Burdened with the realities of what breaks God's own heart-the lost and the needy-Jeremy's vision is to use music as a means to support both local and global missions.

Currently living in Post Falls, Idaho with his beautiful family, Jeremy is serving Jesus amongst the body of believers at Real Life Ministries, pursuing his master's degree in worship through Northern Seminary, and blogs and shares live devotionals via a platform he has recently started called Influential Worship. 

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