Best-Selling Author Dr. Hormoz Shariat Details the Work of Revival God is doing in Iran

Dr. Hormoz Shariat

World-renowned Middle East expert and New York Times best-selling author, Dr. Hormoz Shariat has just released his new book  IRAN'S GREAT AWAKENING: How God is Using a Muslim Convert to Spark Revival (VOM Books).

In IRAN'S GREAT AWAKENING, Shariat shares the details of his personal journey from the bondage of Islam to the freedom of Christ, including the process of establishing Iran Alive Ministries (IAM), an organization that reaches six million daily viewers in Iran through a satellite TV broadcast. Shariat also outlines the biblical prophecies about Iran, noting how they parallel current events, and ultimately concludes that Iran will be a Christian nation soon.

Thrrough IRAN'S GREAT AWAKENING Shariat examines this recent Christian revival in Iran by exploring the causes as well as the impact - on the Middle East and the rest of the world. He believes Iran is just the beginning of an unprecedented, massive move of God that is already sweeping over the earth. 

IRAN'S GREAT AWAKENING will inform, encourage and inspire readers into revival. It is available wherever books are sold. Find out more information at  

Q: Dr. Shariat, thanks for doing this interview with us.  Let's start with yourself: how did you come to Christ? 

  • I came to Christ by comparing the Quran and the Bible.  

  • I was pro-Islamic Government. I was on the streets of Tehran shouting "Death to America". I intended to dedicate my life to serving Islam, but first wanted to make sure it is the truth.  

Q:  What first prompted you to serve Christ in terms of planting churches in Iran? 

  • The simple message of the Gospel changed me from within. I was excited about the power of the Gospel. I believed it can change lives (it changed mine); it can save marriages (it saved mine); and it can transform nations. 

  • When my 16 year old brother was arrested by the Islamic Government, and then executed by firing squad, I asked God to use my life to bring 1 million Muslims to Christ in my lifetime.  

  • I planted 6 churches in Northern California. Hundreds of Muslims came to Christ over the course of 23 years I was a pastor/church planter.  

  • Started Satellite broadcasts right after 9/11. Thousand came to Christ in the following months. Started planting underground churches to accommodate these new believers.  

Q:  In your new book you made the claim that "Iran will be the first Muslim nation to turn to Christ!"  Why do you think this is the case? 

  • It is promised in the Bible (Jeremiah 49:38) so it will happen.  

  • Islam has experienced its greatest defeat in Iran. Millions of Iranians have already rejected Islam and are open to the message of the Gospel.  

  • According to an independent survey, Iran has the fastest growing evangelical population in the world with 19.6% yearly growth.  

  • A recent independent survey done by Muslim Scholars reveal that less than 1/3 rd of the population of Iran consider themselves Shiite. 

Q: What are some ways that Christians are still persecuted in Iran? 

  • Churches are closed.  

  • Gathering in homes is forbidden and one can get up to 10 years of imprisonment for doing that.  

  • A Muslim convert to Christianity can lose his/her job and be arrested.  

  • The government says all Christians are agents of the USA and Israel, so when arrested, they will be treated as spies.  

  • Once a Christian is arrested, they are systematically tortured to give the names of all Christians that they know.  

  • Christians are released on large bails. And then encouraged to leave the country so the government officials will get the bail money (40K to 200K USD). Many have lost all they had through this scheme and had to leave the country with nothing.  

Q:  What are some of the signs of God working in Iran today? 

  • Christianity is more respected and accepted than Islam-by Muslims.  

  • Visions, dreams, and miracles are common. Many see "the man in white clothes" in their visions and dreams.  

  • Evangelism is easy in Iran. I see people come to Christ with the simplest message I share on satellite.  

  • Since the month of May we have seen a 10 fold increase in the number of salvations. Since then, we have been seeing over 500 people contact us weekly to declare that they have received Christ. This is despite the fact that we are blocked by the Islamic government and it is dangerous for anyone to contact us.  

Q: How can we as ordinary Christians help and inspire changes in Iran? 

  • Pray. Because we are battling the "Prince of Persia", a high ranking demon over that area, we first need to win the battle in the heavenlies. We are constantly attacked by that demon in health and finances. This senior demon is so powerful that he could hinder the warrior archangel Michael for 21 days (Daniel 10).  

  • Give. Support us financially so we can train a new generation of leaders in our 412 school of ministry.  

  • Partner. Help disciple the nation by broadcasting your teaching and discipleship video resources on our channel. This way, you can reach millions of our viewers (an independent survey has shown that we are the number one most watched Christian satellite channel in Iran with over 6 million faithful daily viewers).  

Q: With your rich and long involvement in ministering among Muslims, can you tell us a specific story of how a Muslim you know came to know Christ? 

  • Sepah (Revloutionary Guard Commander) short film:  

  • Story of Roghi: 



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