Michael W. Smith Shares How His Wife Inspires His New Album "Still, Vol 1"

Michael W. Smith

Michael W. Smith has released his newest album, Still, Vol 1. Fresh off his 36th #1 song, "Waymaker" and the release of his powerful music video for "Conversation," Still brings an atmospheric listening experience of improvisational music coupled with inspirational scriptures. The entire project is accompanied by a visual-album of calming and serene landscapes adding to the entire experience, streaming on and Apple Music.

Smith explains Still as a "project that my wife, Debbie, and I have talked about for years. Our world is so full of noise that we sometimes forget to take a moment and simply be Still and pray. My prayer is that this music will help the listener find moments to meditate with scripture." He describes Still as a worship album that is more for individuals during their personal quiet times.

With the world currently unsettled and anything but calm, Still provides a respite from the turmoil, and offers encouragement for the listener to be 'still' and rest in the comfort and awesomeness of our God.

Still, Vol. 1 is an album of spoken-word over calm, introspective and soothing instrumental music.

1. Steadfast (Pt. 1 - The Word)
2. Broken (Pt. 2 - The Word)
3. Hope (Pt. 3 - The Word)
4. Shelter (Pt. 4 - The Word)
5. Blessing (Pt. 5 - The Word)
6. Steadfast (Pt. 1 - The Instrumentals)
7. Broken (Pt. 2 - The Instrumentals)
8. Hope (Pt. 3 - The Instrumentals)
9. Shelter (Pt. 4 - The Instrumentals)
10. Blessing (Pt. 5 - The Instrumentals)



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