Sibling Trio Cain Prepares for Christmas with "Celebrate Me Home"


Sibling trio CAIN share their take on the song, "Celebrate Me Home." Recently, their first single, "Rise Up (Lazarus)." Now breaking into the top ten at radio and currently No. 9 on Billboard's Airplay Chart, a new music video for the song drops today.  

"Christmas is going to look different for a lot of you this year," states Taylor with CAIN. "Traveling to see family and loved ones may not be a possibility for some. We hope that when you hear 'Celebrate Me Home,' you are able to close your eyes and picture your favorite friends and family cheering you in through the front door, handing you a gift from under the Christmas tree and hugging you tightly by the fireplace as you celebrate Jesus' birth.

We pray that sweet memories would carry you through until you can be with the ones you love again. For those who can't make it home, may you still have something to celebrate this year." 



There's vocal harmony, and then there's preacher's-kids-growing-up-in-Alabama, sharing-one-room-all-their-lives, touring-as-a-family-band-harmony. The phrase-bending, chills-making, sibling harmony, and when you pair it with the soft rock sounds we've all been missing since the '70s, there you find the magic of CAIN, toeing the line between new and nostalgia. Choosing warm, analog tones from some of their influences, like The Eagles and Bob Seger, while not neglecting a crisp, current vocal, making something new altogether. The group has toured all across the US, UK, and Canada, performing at notable festivals like C2C in London and Cavendish Beach Music Fest, but they feel it's all been preparation for where God is calling them: Christian music. Madison said, "Everything in our career to this point has been a matter of 'making it.' Every song, show, or video had the undertone of 'I hope this will be our big break.' It really took letting it all go and saying 'God, what do You want us to say?' Now, making music brings us pure joy, and I hope the audience can feel it in the songs."

CAIN's debut project with Sony Music Entertainment's label, Provident Label Group is out now. 
They currently reside in Nashville and are worship leaders at their home church. Be sure to visit their website 




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