Former Drug Dealer Turned Pastor Juan Martinez Opens Up About His Past in New Book

Juan Martinez

In life, it's not how you start that matters. It's how you finish. When Pastor Juan Martinez's father left his family at a young age, Martinez gravitated toward life on the street where he wanted to prove to everybody that he was somebody - to dance better than everybody else, get more high than everybody else, and sell more drugs than everybody else. Under difficult circumstances at home, Martinez turned to drug dealing at age 14 and ended up in prison in my 20's. Beyond the Yellow Brick Road: Unlocking the Promises of God (Five Stones Press, Dec. 1, 2020) is his story of what came next.  

When Martinez fled Hurricane Harvey in 2017 with his wife and the clothes on their backs, he discovered that the storms in life connect people to the truth of God. Beyond the Yellow Brick Road follows Martinez through a radical transformation from New York's street life and hard time in the Texas prison system that launched him into a passionate ministry that is shepherding people into meaningful relationships with God.  In his new life free of bondage, he is seeking to expose the drug problem that affects every person in America and lead people down the path of redemption and fullness of life. 

"I was a sower of death, and before my radical transformation for Christ, my joy came through stealing, killing, and destroying," writes Martinez. "However, by God's grace, he planted in me a deep, burning passion to sow life where death once prevailed. The life I live on purpose is for bringing His glorious light into the darkest of places-to pave the earth with heaven's streets of gold."

In Beyond the Yellow Brick Road, Martinez shares his transformational journey towards drug recovery, personal restoration and spiritual redemption and recounts the life-changing revelation from a Wizard of Oz related truth about using the storms in our lives to proclaim the assurance of God. This book is an extraordinary tale of forgiveness, hope and second chances, one that reminds us that our worst deeds don't define who we are.

About the Author:

Juan Martinez is the founder of Wrapped in the Love of Christ Ministry and serves as the senior pastor of the Get Wrapped Church in Spring, Texas. Since 2010, the ministry has seen thousands of people say yes to Christ. Juan's heart and main focus is simply winning souls by wrapping them in the love of Christ. Through dynamic ministering of the Word of God, Juan is a true revivalist with a burning passion and a deep desire to see the lost saved, the broken mended, the afflicted healed, and the body of Christ operate in its God-given authority. God has transformed him from having a killing, stealing, and destroying mentality to a seed-sowing mindset, spreading the Good News to all who will listen. He has seen God move miraculously in his life and has a hunger for all of creation to experience the same. Additionally, Juan is involved in speaking at various conferences, partnering in outreaches (all around the United States), and is the coauthor of the international bestseller Share Your Message with the World. Juan and his wife, Ruthy, have six children: Janina, Valery, Jonathan, Jay, Johnathan, and Joshua.




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