Craig Murchison Shares the Story Behind "Jesus Song"

Craig Murchison

Craig Murchison will release his new single "Jesus Song" on February 5, kicking off a year of new music with additional releases scheduled for 2021. Although he is familiar with the music industry, having released previous music, "Jesus Song" debuts Craig as an up-and-coming worship artist! 

Craig Murchison shares the story behind the song. "Jesus is the same today, yesterday, and forever. His name will never get old and never be outside of reach. No matter how fast time flies, the type of generation and where we find ourselves in life, His name will forever speak. His name has gone beyond, crossed barriers, filled life and yet, we easily fall into the trap of looking in other directions instead of seeing the answer right in front of us. Let's get back to the basics of calling on Him again. Behold, the access that is right in front of you because it won't always be there.

This is the essence of the song. The heart of God is not complicated but cherished and enmeshed in human life. In the simplicity of this song, we hope that it emanates peace and that it is undeniably a connector for you and Him."

Craig Murchison has a relentless passion for God, people and worship. Craig was born and raised in Queens, NY but has been a worship leader for over 10 years, currently serving at his local church in Jacksonville, FL. Craig's life mission is to lead people all over the world to experience God's presence in new and invigorating ways like never before! As he continues his pursuits in his calling of worship, Craig's unceasing dedication will carry on to strengthen, build, encourage and sharpen the body of Christ in efforts to further advance the Kingdom of God.





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