Lonesome River Band Explains Why They Are Paying Tribute to the Easter Brothers

Lonesome River Band

One of the most iconic bluegrass bands Lonesome River Band has decided to return to their Gospel roots by paying tribute to the Easter Brothers. Formed in 1953, the Easter Brothers, comprising originally of Russell Easter, James Easter and Ed Easter, have become one of the pioneers to incorporate a bluegrass sound to their Gospel music. 

Over the years, many of the songs of the Easter Brothers have narrowed the gap between the two genres. One of their favorites is the catchy "Little at a Time." A song that teaches us that our life is moving "a little at a time" towards heaven and our ultimate glory in Christ. 

Lonesome River Band, which comprises of Jesse Smathers, Brandon Rickman and Sammy Shelor, are deeply influenced by the sounds of the Easter Brothers. "Growing up in Patrick County, Virginia, I was influenced by a lot of Bluegrass Gospel," confesses Shelor. 

"One of the strongest groups in that genre was The Easter Brothers from just down the road in Mount Airy, NC. Their songwriting and harmonies were so strong and inspiring to me in my youth, and it has stayed in my heart all these years. We are so happy to be able to pay tribute to these fine gentlemen and the legacy they have created."

The band has decided to tackle "Little At A Time" because the song keeps the bluegrass element front and center, while lifting up the song's gospel message with a heartful delivery.

"'Little At A Time' is a song for everyday life," says Smathers. "It's for anyone trying to tread the seas of life. The lyric especially rings true as we have all struggled through the pandemic and the troubles of the world. The lyrics and optimistic bounce remind us though, that our faith can guide us through life 'a little at a time' and of the glory that is waiting for us in the end." 

Listen to "Little At A Time" HERE. 

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