Hollyn is Taking a Hiatus from Releasing New Music


Hollyn has recently been featured on SEU Worship's new single "Clouds are Clearing" and her latest single was last year's "To the Moon." But don't expect her to be releasing any new music in the near future. Hollyn will be taking a hiatus.

She writes on social media: "[W]hen it comes to my art, i haven't released anything in awhile for personal reasons. it hasn't felt right yet. i've been letting deeper things have priority so i can be present in every moment - particularity the ones where i am "holly", not pressured to a schedule or to continue to perform even when there isn't an audience."

However, Hollyn does promise that her silence will not be forever. When the time feels right, she will be back with new music. "[I] have a lot i'd like to say about where i'm going and where i've been, but it's not quite time yet. If you'll be patient with me...i can say in confidence, that it will be worth the wait."

Nevertheless, she expresses her thanks to her fans for their support. "[I] just want to say the most sincere "thank you" to everyone who has encouraged me on this platform over the last however many years. with my music - my heart - my passions."   

In February of 2017, Hollyn released her label debut, One-way Conversations, which peaked at No. 2 on iTunes Pop Albums chart & Top 10 iTunes Top Albums chart and debuted on Billboard's Top 200 Albums chart. Since her debut, Hollyn has continued her musical journey by playing more than 220 shows to over one million people the past two years.  

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