Israel and New Breed Get Up, Close, and Personal with Second Volume of "Feels Like Home"

Israel Houghton

Israel and New Breed are going to the second volume of Feels Like Home: The Quarantine Worship Experience on April 2. The first volume, which was released on February 26, debut at #1 on Billboard's Top Gospel album chart. It also made an impressive appearance on Billboard's Top Christian album chart, entering in at #3. 

The second volume features 13 songs and it includes voal contributions from Houghton's wife Adrienne Bailon Houghton and his daughter Mariah Houghton, making this Houghton's most personal album to date. Other artists, such as Cristabel Crack, DOE, Naomi Rain, and Chandler Moore, whom Houghton considers as family members are also part of the record. The songs were recorded live from Houghton's sister-in-law's New York home and they all come out of Houghton stream worship services that he was conducting during the pandemic.

Listen to "Goodness of God" HERE.


1. Worthy

2. See a Victory

3. You Don't Have to Fight, Stand Still

4. In Jesus' Name (featuring DOE)

5. I Am With You Be Still (featuring Adrienne Bailon Houghton)

6. Goodness of God )featuring Cristabel Crack)

7. Evidence

8. Accepted

9. Reckless Love

10. Moving Forward

11. Emmanuel, You Are Worthy (featuring Naomi Raine)

12. How Great Medley/He's Worthy (featuring Chandler Moore) 

13. Risen (featuring Mariah Houghton)

"New Breed celebrated our 20th year together in 2020," says Houghton. "And although the entire landscape changed with how we do concerts and touring, we knew it was still important to come together. I'm grateful for the sacrifices made by everyone on our team to carefully gather and participate in this offering. Truth be told, it's one of the most rewarding worship experiences I've ever been a part of."

For additional information, follow Houghton on Twitter @Israelnewbreed, on Instagram @israelhoughton and on Facebook @IsraelHoughton.



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