Katy Reynolds Testifies About God's Healing and How That Has Shaped Her Music

Katy Reynolds

Christian music singer and songwriter Katy Reynolds testifies to God's power to bring reconciliation and restoration with her new EP. Healing, a 5-song EP. is Reynolds debut collection of songs. All the songs originate from her personal testimony over the past seven years, as she navigated walking through divorce as a young adult, the grief in her father's sudden passing, and ultimately finding the healing that God provided as He brought restoration into her life. 

Reynolds has a heart for writing honest lyrics paired with her pop melodies and soulful voice The EP is preceded by the single "Seek First His Kingdom," which is already receiving warm acclaims from fans. The powerful ballad "Where You Are" is the collection's nerve center as it explores how can find peace in the midst of our griefs. 

Q: Katy, thanks for doing this interview with us. Let's start with yourself: how did you first become interested in music?

 Thank you, glad to be here! I first became interested in music as a kid growing up listening to everything from Michael Jackson to Bonnie Raitt. I loved pop and country music, and really anything with some soul. I remember hearing Leann Rimes sing at the first concert I had ever been to and just hearing her soul come through at such a young age. I wanted to sing like that, but was always incredibly shy about it and didn't even want to sing in front of my family. God really worked on me a number of years in revealing that singing for Him had no room for fear and was all for Him anyway. 

Q: How would you describe your own sound now?

It's taken time in my writing to find my own sound, and I call it pop soul. I like to bring in fun, upbeat pop tracks along with powerful ballads, while keeping that soul as the anchor for each song. If I can write the most honest lyrics along with soulful melodies, I'm staying most in my wheelhouse.

Q: Over the last few years, you have seen and witnessed many heartbreaking events. Can you share with us some of these events?

In 2014, my world that I had become so comfortable in really came crashing down. I found myself on a path to divorce that I never expected, especially as a young adult, and a week later went through the sudden passing of my father. I hadn't really gone through anything that traumatic before then, so to go through two life altering tragedies was very difficult. I had a lot of questions and dealt with depression soon after that. Through it all though, God was so present and I could feel His closeness even in my immense grief over two losses.

Q: What was the place of God and faith in your process of seeking healing?

I already had a strong relationship with God before I went through those dark times, so that foundation helped me a lot. I used to wonder if I believed in God just because I hadn't gone through something traumatic before, but this really affirmed my faith that I believed in God in the good and bad. God really worked each year in teaching me new things like forgiveness and trust, and built upon that for the next lesson He wanted to teach me. He led me through counseling which helped me so much to be able to process everything and deal with my self worth. I had worried about how I would be seen as a "divorced" person, but He showed me how He still sees me as whole and valued. I'm grateful for the process of healing and now on the other side, I am able to see the restoration He continues to bring. 

Q: How have the songs on your EP captured your hurts and healing? And how will these songs help our readers who are feeling hurt too?

My favorite thing about releasing music is to hear the stories of how they have impacted people and worked in their own lives. I wrote these songs from very real places of hurt and I think that comes through especially in Forgiven and Where You Are. Forgiven was written after going through my divorce and really how I didn't feel that it was fair that I had to forgive the ways others had wronged me when I didn't do the same to them. Then God in His mercy reminded me of His grace to me in forgiving me so many times over for things I had done and that He called me to do the same. I've heard from people saying that that song encouraged them in their own journey of forgiveness and that is the ultimate goal. I pray these songs encourage people to draw closer to God in their darkest moments. 

Q: Talk to us about your single "For the One." What's the story behind this song?

"For the One" really came about as a song for my friends who hadn't always been welcomed by the church. I have friends who had negative experiences and felt really hurt by the church in different situations. After going through my own time of being rejected by a particular church for having divorce in my past, I was able to get a glimpse into what that pain would be like. So God really put on my heart to write this for that person who thought they weren't welcomed by God, and to be reminded that He is still looking for the one as Jesus describes with the parables in Luke 15. It is His joy to see the lost sheep return to Him and no one is too far gone. 

Q: My favorite song has to be "Where You Are," share with us your thoughts on this track.

This one really poured out from the grief over losing my dad. I had so many people try to give an encouraging word when he passed like "he's in a better place", but that really didn't make me feel better. I knew those things, but I still missed him and it still hurt. I wanted to write about those feelings and the overall struggle as a Christian dealing with loss but also celebrating their victory in Jesus. I've heard from so many that have played it at funerals or listened after losing a loved one and it giving them such peace. I think it's because it's a song about meeting them where they are, rather than trying to offer just the right thing to say. I'm grateful and humbled anytime it can give someone peace in those dark times. 

Q: Where can our readers go to know more about you and your music?

 I am on Instagram @katyreynoldsmusic and would love to hang out with you there! To check out my music, I am on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, and all music platforms via Katy Reynolds. Thanks so much!


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